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An Oasis in Varadero

Gloria Machado León 27 septiembre, 2016
Amid the sun and high temperatures, Varadero has an Oasis. tropical paradise built since 1956 by an American company and subsequently passes the Horizons and Islazul signatures. preferred site by great personalities such as Alicia Alonso and Rosita Fornes for rest and recreation.

The Oasis Hotel is a natural and human like many others that you can live in the Destination Cuba experience. About the WTD chatted with the staff of the facility.

«The work of tourism is quite hectic, must be aware of every detail so that the client takes a good feeling during their stay,» confirmed Camilo Hernandez Balbón, deputy director attendance area Hotel Oasis.

Danay Muñoz, head of reception said the hotel is very cozy, nice and refreshing; He stressed that it relieves stress, tension and makes each day can provide better service.

Belonging to the tourism sector, undoubtedly, it is a pride for their workers. They are the first contact with foreign, security and comfort farewell to leave the country.

Henry Linares Galarraga, maitre of Hotel Oasis said that tourism is a very dynamic sector. He is currently keeping the main indices of the economy, demand a lot of effort and dedication but welcomes you because you feel happy and learn with customers.

Henry’s greatest challenge today this branch is: «to offer a service culture, quickness, speed for the customer feel good and can repeat, you from using your product.»

Oasis guarantees the enjoyment of those who visit their facilities. It is and will be one of the strongest groups in working with tourism. It is this recognition to those working in the sector.

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