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The battle of his life

Gloria Machado León 27 septiembre, 2016

He does not exceed 3 feet above the ground. His eyes are hazel and as sweet as your own look. It is brown-haired and fair-skinned, with tiny limbs and amazing intelligence.

With his meager three, because those are only years he has, he is able to impress everyone who knows him by the sharpness and insight of his comments.

And although this story a long time ago could well have been released, over time he blew the joy and assurance of hope embodied in reality, become agitated uncertainty that now, in absolute tranquility.

It was about 18 months ago when the sunrises Become Sound endless nights in the life of small Pontigo Alberto Miguel Gonzalez.

It all began with an appendectomy or appendix removal with much of the necrotic tissue. However, despite the action protocol established for this type of surgery, he continued alarming bloating during the next few hours. That’s why four days after the initial operation is to transfer back to the operating room to end intestinal obstruction caused by peritonitis that seconded appendicitis.

Then pass one, two, three, four, five, six … seven days in the Intensive Care Unit at Eliseo Noel Caamaño Children’s Hospital of Matanzas city, where only the love of a litter of men and women who are made to dress white coats were able to minimize or slow torpid, in clinical terms, it had to happen.

The names of Abel, Sandra, Victor, David, Isrrael, Jose, Ofelia, Jorge, Yadira, Yanet and obviously of Hildalina not can remember, because fortunately this incident does not retain any passage in his young memory, only a scar which will become smaller and less visible as you grow tummy.

But her mom someday will handle argumentarle about the origin of the mark will never disappear from your skin, or the memory of his mother.

Albertico, it is true, not at least until today a great height if you want to measure from head to toe. But very vague we could become if we try to calculate the dimension of this brave little prince who could win the battle of his life when just beginning.


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