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Practice to take care of man

Gloria Machado León 28 septiembre, 2016

The effort to maintain levels of instruction and the proper use of the means of protection to prevent accidents with high voltage electric current, were the objectives developed by the technicians and workers of the Electricity Company of Matanzas during Safety and Health Day at Work.

This time the Matanzas linemen made a demonstrative exercise in the Training School of Matanzas entity, allowing the exchange of views on the proper way to act in real situations.
Chief of the Brigade

Head of the brigade.

Leyva Maurelkis Ortega, head of the brigade that performed the operation, referring to this activity stressed that the exercise was carried out after the occurrence of a supposed fault in a secondary conductor.

«This type of exercise is performed from the work order given by the immediate boss, say Chief Commercial Operations, director of the company … and a permit to work in the system.

«Here what is significant is the accident suffered by the lineman who goes to work in the post for violating the safety distance, ie, the space that exists around energized conductors to avoid interaction with the electromagnetic field.












«Faced with this situation we climbed quickly to rescue and once on land he was given first aid as we know it apply in these cases.»

A risky job that requires further organization and responsibility.

«Before starting work each action is discussed perform with fellow brigade, the particularities of work and characteristics of the line, that is here not improvised, everyone has a specific function.»

So why did the accident occur?

«Because at a certain point he came over him because of the power cord that was above him. In this case the voltage level that there should be two feet four inches away from the cable. «

Before the question that if you can not alert the operator is violating about space power, the head of the brigade said:

«That happens in a split second, a simple move and you are violating the space of electric current. Hence the importance of the proper use of safety means. Proper anchoring allowed this man once injured did not fall from the height he was working «.

Criteria that demonstrate the dangers to which the Utility linemen face during the exercise of their activity, also carried out with electricity, you are staged high altitudes.


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