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Young people from Union de Reyes reaffirms its support for the revolution

Gloria Machado León 28 septiembre, 2016

Students of High School in the municipality of Union de Reyes rejected the interventionist actions of the US government to promote change in Cuba.












Young Barbara Marrero Otero, student of Pre-University Institute José Alberto Rodríguez Acosta on behalf of his colleagues denounced the new hoaxes of imperialism.

«We join all members of the Student Federation (FEEM) in every corner of this country reject the most recent US actions. We do not need grants, not opposed to trade. Exchange if not conspiracy; transparency if not underground. Today we say knowledge if not traps. «

«I’ll tell you something about this generation of students it is that perhaps is the most difficult time of the Cuban Revolution when imperialism is intoxicated with lust, when capitalism is overjoyed, when the triumphalism of the reactionary reigns everywhere. We reaffirm once again our commitment to our country and its historical leaders. Young people never renounce to these new maneuvers. We will make the Cuban revolutionary process irreversible «and said Roxana Valdes Isasi, member of the municipal secretariat of the FEEM.

Once again Cuban youth is the target of US actions. This time, the NGO World Learning, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has developed a scholarship program intended for pupils between 16 and 18 years, whose objective included training leaders or agents that promoted individual and alienating behaviors on the island to bring about a change of status quo.

These acts of revolutionary reaffirmation, where young people express their opinion on the new shares of the USAID will continue throughout the national territory as a sign of support for the revolutionary process and the historical leadership of the country.


Original text Sept 28th, 2016

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