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At bad times, good face

Gloria Machado León 29 septiembre, 2016

It is also true that those born in this small piece of land surrounded by sea show, even in the worst of circumstances, a small smile.

And in this mix of cultures that run through our veins, humor, joke parody and have come to forge and also be part of our character.

They say laughter is the biological response produced by the body, which functions as the essential response to certain stimuli. Smile, meanwhile, is considered a smooth and quietly for the event.

Currently there are different interpretations related to its nature. One of the many studies on the subject, says that laughter is a playful, instinctive, contagious, stereotyped and Control subconscious babble that few times, occurs in solitude.

In humans, laughter begins approximately at four months of age, and, according to scientific research, it is a form of communication innate inherited from the primates, and intimately related to language.

With regard to benefits that are attributed to this body language, some studies make it clear that pleasant thoughts lead a better mood and, consequently, increase defenses of the human organism. Hence specialists sustain the hypothesis that happiness improves and optimizes health.

Also it said that laughter can trigger the production of endorphins in the body, a substance that functions as a kind of painkiller for the brain. In addition, experts add that a good laugh can even regulate heart rate and lower blood pressure.

Other scholars point out that when a fit of laughter is followed by cough, also serves to clarify the lungs. And so much so that twenty seconds a good laugh, is the cardiovascular equivalent to three minutes on an exercise machine.

There are also concrete results of the benefits of humor for mental health. For example, in the short term, laughter and humor reduce negative emotions and increase subjective well-being. While long term it is shown that humans who practice this type of behavior have greater self-esteem and psychological well-being, and, in addition, minor depression and anxiety. Even, it has come to prove that humor stimulates cognitive abilities associated with creativity and learning.

However, it is very easy to assume that maintaining an unprejudiced, fresh and witty attitude while improving the quality and mood of life, power and enriches human health.

Many are hallmarks of our personality that make us authentic, unique and different from the rest of humanity.

At that called cubanía, plus tenacity, easy development, timely agility, cunning, spark and charisma, they are also taxed humor and laughter.

And sometimes, indeed, this body language conveys so much joy that is contagious, but sometimes masquerades regrets putting «bad weather, good face.»


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