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Granada hero dies in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 6 octubre, 2016
Mario Martin Manduca a revolutionary and internationalist from Matanzas

Mario Martin Manduca a revolutionary and internationalist from Matanz

The death of the revolutionary and  internationalist Mario Martin Manduca from Matanzas, the man whose story was merged with that of the Caribbean island of Granada, to portray the barbaric acts of the giant of the seven leagues, took place this Oct. 5th in his hometown of Matanzas.

And it Manduca, as always remind the people of Cuba joined the group of civilian workers who worked in the construction of what would become the Granada airport Punta Salinas, when seven thousand American soldiers invaded this small island nation of just 344 square kilometers .

It was the afternoon of October 25, 1983 and warmongering raid was to record the death of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and his closest collaborators of the leftist New Jewel Movement, ended the lives of 25 Cuban collaborators, left 59 injured and 638 taken prisoner.

And just he was there Manduca after being hit by projectiles of a M-16 rifle in the spine, was left for 36 hours on a desolate until it was picked up by American soldiers who took him to Puerto Rico.

Thanks to the intervention of the Cuban government and the International Red Cross, later Manduca was able to return to their homeland.

On 16 November 1983 the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and the then minister of the Revolutionary Armed Raul Castro Forces, received the special flight of Cubana Airlines from Puerto Rican Capital moved home to Manduca, alive but helpless, forever , to use their legs.

Yet he remained faithful to his principles, to the revolution, his companions and this people that welcomed him as a hero.

His integrity, is summed up in the words of Fidel when in mourning farewell fallen during the mercenary invasion of Granada he said.

There will be no power, no weapons, no forces that can never prevail over patriotism, internationalism, feelings of human brotherhood and the communist consciousness that they represented.

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