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Beyond life and death, one love returns to Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 11 octubre, 2016

The ill-fated love of the poet José Jacinto Milanés from Matanzas to Isa has inspired no little research, works, versions and sighs. Playwright Jesus del Castillo also fueled hopes of frustrated love the bard deposited in his prime to create.

The piece, like a puppeteer versionada monologue by Fara Madrigal, opened yesterday at 5:00 pm, in the House of Memory Stage as part of the celebrations for the Day of Cuban Culture in Matanzas.

“When Jesus del Castillo wrote the play I said, but if that has already been written, what will you bring you novel subject. He answered: I will make a puppet show for young people.

“That love was frustrated by money problems and social differences, legend has it that Milanes went crazy with love. They did not join either in life or in death, but the man and history have united forever. Is an extraordinary and eternal love, “narrated Fara Madrigal.

Deserving the text of José Jacinto Milanés Prize in 1997, the antecedents of this show are based on the reading of poems in the first Bacchanal Puppetry in 2012.

After nearly 20 years of longing to bring the work on stage, Fara had the opportunity in March this year dreaming about the appearance of the characters, the drama of a complex work, management concepts, desires and images shooting at a workshop design of Adam Rodriguez Falcon, with the support of Ulises Rodríguez Febles.

One day Adam offers a design workshop that calls me. There leads me to resume my passion for this work to stage I missed both. I had made a cuquitas.

“Among the boys in the shop, Ulises Rodriguez Febles Adam and incited me to take my dreams and facts that show that premiered yesterday Version for Solo and was a challenge due to the complexity of the work.”

“The work is a nod to the imagination, where the Gelaber street , balcony Azuzena, the cries of Floripondín, the ravings of Cupid, the repentance of an ambitious mother or the odious presence of Malayerba with other characters, are pretexts to tell, in a universal cycle blessed loves that inundate us, “said Blanca Felipe Rivero, in his words to the catalog.

Fara Madrigal confessed that “I do not know if it represents a culmination of the year, a premiere snack or a dream of mine to see finally be firm, real.

“From what I am sure is that I am very happy to have this fiction about love Milanes by Isa.”

Floripondín and Azuzena is contained in the book Teatro de Jesus del Castillo, along with two other pieces of the playwright: Donkey Caturro Perimpimplujo and the wonderful story of the Cresponejo rabbit. Just need to see if, finally, the theater will give them the opportunity they never had, be united beyond life and death, in history.



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