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Communal services one of the protagonists of the Matanzas Plan 325

Gloria Machado León 17 noviembre, 2016
On the occasion of 2018, the 325th anniversary of the city of Matanzas, a comprehensive plan for its rehabilitation and restoration is carried out in this city.

There are several entities of the territory that will be immersed in its materialization. For its part, the management of communals in the territory is in charge, much of the works.

In this regard comments Yosvani Rodríguez Ramos, deputy municipal director.

“We have been working this year. Some of the works that have materialized are the repair of the pedestrian bridge Watkins; The Amusement Park Monserrate, where we made a capital repair, and we continue working to achieve the comfort of the Matanzas family.

“We conclude the first part of the pedestrian walk of Narváez street, to the same corner of the park of goats. It will also continue its execution next year. The execution of this work will extend to Matanzas Street and includes Vigía Square and Calle del Medio “.

 They also plan to construct a viewpoint in the place where the old Red Cross of the city was located in order that the matanceros and visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the bay.

Rodríguez Ramos added that work is currently under way on the first phase of the reconstruction of Watkins Park, specifically in the cage of felines and monkeys. These works must be concluded in December and will be resumed in new year until their full operation.

The Paseo Marti, Colón Park in Versailles and the Concordia and Tirry Causeway bridges are another objective in the peephole of communal services.

Light maintenance will be sought in the parks. For the part of the obituary services will build vaults and niches with the objective of renting them to families who do not have where to bury their deceased.

The deputy director of communal services in the municipality of Matanzas also urged the population to care for the works, to feel for each one of them.

“Matanzas has to move our sense of belonging, to love the city, to take care of what with so much sacrifice has been achieved and will be achieved. This is a task for everyone, from the pupil of the elementary school to the oldest. “

On this subject they think some people from Matanzas:

“I would contribute to the Matanzas 325 plan by not throwing trash in the streets, trying to preserve the heritage, taking care of the public adornment or from our own homes, trying not to break with its architecture”, says Roberto González who works as a self-employed in The Medio Street.

“Inculcating people’s sense of belonging, trying to sit correctly on the benches of the parks, not scratching the walls, or trees, avoiding loud noises, which is another form of environmental pollution,” says Ariel Hernandez Student of the Polytechnic of Matanzas.

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