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Strengthen communist organization from the grassroots

Gloria Machado León 22 noviembre, 2016

In order to analyze the compliance with the agreements issued by the Tenth Congress of the Union of Young Communists (UJC), the main leaders of this organization met in the municipality of Unión de Reyes.

This scenario was an opportunity to achieve a rapprochement of the top leadership of the Young Communist Union with grassroots leaders. To this southern territory of Matanzas province came Aymara Guzmán Carrazana, national president of the José Martí Pioneers Organization (OPJM), who shared their experiences with those present and presented a summary of the objectives outlined.

In the voice of Daniel Olivera Portillo, the first secretary of the UJC in this territory, also knew the main actions that have been carried out from the base. The leader referred to the importance of following up on the issues discussed in the necessary connections, a space where young people express their concerns about the functioning of the organization.

Also analyzed was a mechanism to encourage entry to it, how to address the concerns and concerns of Union militants. A preparation system was established to strengthen the structure of the organization.

These necessary connections will work in the remainder of the year and will continue in 2017. «I think the necessary connections have arrived to stay, are spaces that we must put in the agendas of work and activities of each of the committees,» added Olivera Portillo .

Other objectives observed were the preparation of general secretaries and student leaders as the main framework reservations of the organization.

«In the municipality there are still gaps. I mean the subject of the reservation. Today we have 83 percent of the staff complement, we still have a seat to cover. «

He emphasized doing a special work with the students of the Professional Technical Education so that within five years they will be linked to the professional work of the UJC. In this sense, Yasmani García Gazzó, general secretary of the UJC’s base committee of the José Alberto Rodríguez Acosta Pre-university Institute intervened.

«During this year we have engaged in a series of political processes to strengthen communist and student organization. We carried out political acts in repudiation of the blockade, the scholarships of the World Learning to destabilize our revolutionary process. We are lacking a better preparation of the cadres who are still students with the objective of gaining in improvement in the ordinary meetings. Our center has always contributed a lot of militants, we have 87 today and we expect to grow ten more before the end of the year. «

Improving the functioning of the youth movements guaranteeing the surpassing of the militants and the actions directed to the development of the investigations in the non-state sector and agroalimentario was another of the subjects discussed.

«We still have to continue working on the establishment of youth technical brigades in centers without a political structure in the agri-food sector with the presence of the municipal bureau and guarantee work in the non-state sector with the objective of strengthening their political preparation and integrating them into the tasks Of the organization. Also, design a system of growth in each work area aimed at creating new brigades in centers with greater potential, «said the secretary of the organization.

About his experience at the Juan Avila Credits and Services Cooperative, Juan Gualberto Gómez town, comments Leidys Rodríguez Gómez, general secretary of the base committee.

«In 2016 we have felt well taken care of by the leaders of the organization. My cooperative serves a community that has an office and an elementary school and in this sense we have helped with its repair. We carry out activities with the youth of the community. Soon we will grow into two more militants. «

During the assembly, other objectives were also examined, such as the strategy to attend to the stimulus process of the UJC, the necessary attention to those who are not related to study and work, and to create spaces to elevate ideological political preparation with student organizations.

Participated in the meeting Nidia Ginoris Rivero, first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in Union de Reyes; Rebeca Fundora Águila, ideological policy of this organization and the municipal director of education Celia Vilma Olivera Arolas.



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