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Carilda Oliver Labra: “I’m going to name Fidel”

Gloria Machado León 26 noviembre, 2016
I will not name the East,
I will not name the Sierra,
I will not name the war
-peinful different light ,
I will not name the front,
The forehead without a string,
The forehead for the laurel,
The forehead of lead and grapes,
I’m going to name all of Cuba,
I’m going to name Fidel.

In 1957 a young woman would write these verses without knowing that they would be the early apology of the man who would have in their hands the future of the country. “I’m going to name all of Cuba, / I’m going to name Fidel.” At that time the poetess Carilda Oliver Labra still wrote secretly in one of the rooms of Tirry 81 and because it has always been CARILDA, dared to send them to the Sierra Maestra .

By the button without sewing
Which is missing on the chest,
By his beard, by his bed
Without sheet or woman
And even by its dawn
With lukewarm cocks of horror;
I also hold my honor
And I follow the battle
With this verse that explodes
Like love grenade.

Perhaps this is one of the most memorable stanzas of Canto to Fidel, intimist and for being the first stampede of a woman who has never feared the verb, or to stay alone and trust when theirs left. In March 2017, sixty years will fall on the pages of Canto to Fidel and will no longer be to send flowers to Carilda; However, the verses will have the color of immortality.

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