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Forever our Commander

Gloria Machado León 26 noviembre, 2016

Fidel, only five letters are enough to name those who symbolize total dedication to the noblest and just causes of humanity, who must be mentioned every time one speaks of dignity and altruism.

Commander in Chief, leader of the whole Cuban troop, of all the people who have known and admired him since the time of the university, the Moncada, the Granma, the Sierra Maestra, as well as the one who was born and grew up in this extraordinary work that Arrived on January 1st, 1959.

Beyond that physical constitution, a detail that stands out in the images of the countless tours and visits he made to the most diverse places and institutions of national and foreign geography, Fidel distinguished himself in any social group for that particular way of saying and do.

Natural intelligence, fine sharpness for the analysis of dissimilar situations and infinite capacity for dialogue and communication, characterized the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

That same man who offered enormous lessons of industriousness, dedication, perseverance, tenacity, dynamism and office, teachings that always transmitted to his students: the people of Cuba.

Fidel: the indefatigable guerrilla, in olive green uniform or sports clothes (his favorite clothes) or in gala dress; Elegant, active, virtuous, that is forever our Commander in Chief.



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