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Public Administration workers in Matanzas celebrate their anniversary

Gloria Machado León 26 noviembre, 2016

The collective of the Provincial Directorate of the Bank of Credit and Commerce (BANDEC) in Matanzas celebrated the 55th anniversary of the Public Administration sector in Cuba with a special morning in which a delegation composed of 18 trade unionists from different nations of the Latin American region And continental.

Miriela Padrón Macías, secretary general of the guild in this western province, and Misalys Dorta del Pino, leader of the Trade Union Bureau of BANDEC, were in charge of opening the brief meeting and welcomed the visiting delegation, which these days Exchanges with managers and workers from various labor centers in Cuba as part of the central activities planned for the 55 years of the National Union of Public Administration (SNTAP), established on November 23, 1961 as the first workers’ organization created after Of the triumph of the Revolution and the continuation of this process of transformation.

The musical performance of two students of the Vocational School of Art of Matanzas and a sample of photographic images of the most important activities celebrated by the banking collective during the course of the year brightened the meeting; Timely in addition for the delivery of the distinction Enrique Hart Dávalos to five workers with more than 20 years of uninterrupted work in the financial activity.

The stimulus, granted by the SNTAP as a prize for exemplarity, was imposed on Lidia Ortiz Porte, Carmen Cecilia Zoto, Esmeralda Herrera Rodríguez, Alexia Páez Moreno and Doris Abrante Rodríguez.

At the end of the recognition ceremony and on behalf of the rest of the leaders of the various trade union organizations present on the occasion, Oscar Andrade, national secretary of the Unique Central  of Uruguay, said:

“It is a joy to be here on such an important date for Cuban public workers, because at such a complex time for Latin America, Cuba and its people have been able to set a standard and continue as the axis of the revolutionary process in the region.”

The member of the Presidential Council of the World Federation of Trade Unions also referred to the importance of maintaining the solidarity bond and exchanging experiences among the popular and trade union forces in the region, which is currently experiencing such a convulsive period, especially in the political and economic spheres.

“Negative changes in the main countries of the Southern Cone, in some cases through coups d’etat such as that perpetrated in Brazil, others, by right-wing offensive, as in Argentina and Venezuela and the peace process in Colombia that is not consolidated Still, I think they are sufficient reasons to globalize our struggle and to join us more and more unionists and labor leaders in order to find common paths. “

Miriela Padrón Macías, secretary general of the Public Administration Union in the province, said that the matancer groups belonging to the sector celebrated the 55th anniversary these days with various activities, including special morning meetings, the delivery of awards to The affiliates and most important centers, Encounters with History to entertain veteran founders and union leaders with a significant trajectory and the imposition of the Enrique Hart medal.

According to its reports in Matanzas, the Public Administration sector has more than 15 thousand workers from more than 30 agencies, including the Comptroller’s Office, Economics and Planning, Finance and Prices, in which it is entrusted to verify the use of Material and financial resources in compliance with legality.

It also groups legal, banking, political and mass organizations, the Directorate of Labor and Social Security, Communal Services, among others, with the state’s responsibility to ensure the country’s institutions.

“An essential objective in this commemorative day was to guarantee the quality in the provision of the services to the people in each working group, as part of the battle for economic efficiency”, added the last representative of the guild in the Matanzas territory.



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