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CDRs pay posthumous homage to Fidel

Gloria Machado León 28 noviembre, 2016
Cuban Revolution Leader Fidel Castro Ruz has been and will be the soul of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), born on September 28, 1960, when CIA terrorism and its lackeys tried to intimidate the people, Which then closed the way to the enemy block by block.

Fidel founded the CDRs and shortly afterwards, other tasks were developed in the neighborhoods, such as the collection of raw materials, vaccination campaigns, mainly for children; Also supported the education, the family and works of collective good were undertaken such as the beautification of residential areas, always with the faithful commitment to maintain the guard in alt.

One of the most humane and altruistic activities promoted by the largest mass organization on the island is voluntary blood donations, with which hundreds of thousands of Cubans and people of other nationalities have been brought back to life.

Fidel was an example, donated his own when an earthquake struck mercilessly, in the seventies of last century, the brother Peruvian people. The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution was among the first to attend the Blood Bank in Havana, after the convening of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, a beautiful gesture that he repeated on several occasions.

The CDR members remain faithful to the words of the Commander-in-Chief on the 50th anniversary of the mass organization when he said that we will continue to fulfill the promise of that night of September 28th, 1960, because Fidel is the image of the people, Legacy and validity.

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