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Highlights of Matanzas sport in 2016

Gloria Machado León 23 diciembre, 2016

The presence of dozens of athletes in Cuban teams to different international events in all categories and especially 14 of them, including three coaches, to the Olympic event in Rio de Janeiro, show the consistency of this activity in the province of Matanzas in The year that is about to end.

Among the big killers of the year there are four sports that reaffirmed their power in the country and everything seems to indicate they will keep in the coming campaign of 2017: canoeing, judo, men’s boxing and baseball.

Selected as the sport of the year in the province, canoeing was once again able to take titles among schoolchildren, youths and adults, a performance that has been repeated over the last four years, bringing a good number of athletes to the national teams.

Judo, in addition to winning the title of the country for the second consecutive time, took to the Olympic Games of River to Ivan Felipe Silva, of the division of the 81 kilograms; Magdiel Estrada in the 73 and super heavyweight Alex Garcia, selected the Most Outstanding of the Year in Matanzas, along with Yordanys Fernandez, who did it in the Paralimpiada of the Brazilian capital.

Since Frank Moreno competed in this sport in Barcelona 92 and Atlanta 96, no other matancero had achieved it.

This was the largest group of competitors in the province in a sport to a meeting of the «Five Hoops» since the 1956 Melbourne Games made by nine rowers of the Yacht Club Varadero.

For the first time Matanzas boxing reaches four gold medals in the international competition Giraldo Cordova Cardín, a difficult result for a province if we consider that in these events compete quality pugiliers from different countries.

In this event of 2016 made in the Coliseum of the Sports City of Havana, Santiago Amador, in the 49 kilograms; Javier Ibáñez, in 56; Andy Cruz, in the 64 and Oley Churches, in 75.

Another pleasant performance of this sport came in the last month of the year when they took the runner-up in the National Tournament Playa Girón, held in Santiago de Cuba with two gold medals, through Ibanez and Cruz and a silver prize of Iglesias.

Baseball continued to give triumphs with the Crocodiles who for the sixth consecutive year reached the podium of awards in a National Series, something unheard of in this sport.

Between the teams of the country obtained impressive results of consecutive victories and maintained in the first place during the qualifying stage, in the 90 games of the calendar, it took to eleven players to the Meeting of the Stars and to the national preselection of where will leave the equipment Cuba to the World Classic of 2017.

Also the Matanzas baseball team of  in the category under-12 years was crowned champion in the national contest.

Mention should also be made of the great work of table tennis in the school and youth categories, the victory of volleyball in the women’s section of the Pioneer category, the return to Varadero of the Capablanca IN MEMORIAM International Tournament Of Chess and the classification of the elite basketball team in the men’s league to the Higher League, after three years out of that competition, which are also meritorious performances of the sport matancero in 2016. & Sofi of Decorarte non-agricultural cooperative, from Matanzas.



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