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People from Matanzas ready for the 78th anniversary of the Central Trade Union in Cuba

Gloria Machado León 24 enero, 2017

With a scientific panel on the founding history of the trade union center in the country and the ties of Fidel Castro with the working class, the provincial Committee of the Central Cuban Workers (CTC) in Matanzas began the last week of the commemorative day in I greet on January 28th when this year celebrates the 78th anniversary of the creation of his organization and 164 of the birth of Jose Marti.

Organized by the Education and Propaganda Department and the Training Department of the CTC, the exchange brought together the main cadres and leaders of the Matanzas trade union movement in order to exchange knowledge and experiences on the historical significance of the last ten CTC Congresses For the workers’ movement, the unitary conceptions of Fidel and his legacy for the work of the trade unions.

With masterly interventions, veteran union leaders, in their role of panelists analyzed the importance and validity of the 11th Workers’ Congress held in November 1961. With marked emphasis, the fundamental changes were highlighted, which in conceptual and organizational characterized that Conclave; The transition from Confederation to Central of Workers of Cuba, by means of the conversion of the 33 existing federations into 25 national unions, which, with its unitary basis, signified the definitive triumph of unity against unionism, and the definitive exile of the Mujalist elements In the trade union movement, with the return of the working class Captain, Lázaro Peña, to the General Secretariat of the CTC.

Likewise, they recalled the most significant aspects of the rest of the Congresses, especially in the importance of XIII, IX and XX; The latter carried out in 2014; Appointments that set the tone for the organic strengthening and action of the only institution that groups and represents all workers in the Greater Antilles.

A space of training and encounter with history became this exchange, included in the broad program of political, productive and savings activities that from the first days of January and until the 27th develops in this western province the trade union organization.

With the central motto of the day “Workers Building and Defending Socialism,” the Central Matanzas Workers’ Union emphasizes maintaining the unity of all workers, both state and non-state, as an essential strength to celebrate its more than seven decades of existence on 28 Next January.

The action plan that runs in all municipalities, ranging from special morning in each group to honor the anniversary, sanitize and beautify the work centers, until in coordination with the university affiliates workshops on History about Martí and workers with the Participation of youth and trade union leaders.

In the provincial act for the 78th anniversary of the CTC, scheduled for the 26th in the revamped Guanima bridge of the yumurina capital, 33 companies will be recognized with significant results in the emulation of the Paths of Triumph and the most efficient trade unions.

Other initiatives are highlighted in the event, such as the ones developed this month by various trade unions on the occasion of the day of workers in the electricity sector, science, food industry and rail, and in the sugar collectives paid tribute to the work of the Labor leader Jesús Menéndez Larrondo and priority attention is given to the plans of the harvest.

According to information provided by the CTC’s Education and Propaganda Department in the territory, 78 trade union leaders from all sectors were selected to participate with the youth in the march of the Torches on the night of 27, and that day In the morning, the provincial bureau of the Association of Innovators and Rationalizers will be celebrating its annual balance, with the purpose of reviewing its performance and recognizing its best members, an organization that was born precisely in a historic Workers’ Congress and today works Under the right direction and guardianship of the Central Trade Union.

The celebration of the 78th anniversary of the founding of the Cuban Workers Union will have among its fundamental corners the reaffirmation of the commitment to strengthen the leadership in the mobilizing capacity of an organization that works in a context of important transformations in the labor field of the country.


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