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Just blameless

Gloria Machado León 29 enero, 2017

Less than six months ago, I wrote a comment that was published on this website on September 10, 2016 under the title San Alarcón, which criticized, not the player, but those who from the position of representatives of the sports press intended to cover The indiscipline committed by the catcher Yosvany Alarcón Late in a game against Matanzas.

On that occasion I emphasized:

«… Now it turns out that Alarcón is the noblest person in the world, but let’s do a retrospective. During the last play of the semi-final playoff between Matanzas and Pinar del Rio, a team that was reinforced by the Las Tunas mask, in each of his appearances to the batting drawer he turned to the Crocodiles bench and mocked with gestures that they would lose Before the skunks.

«Already in the ninth episode he hit the decisive home run and while he was going around the bases his gestures were more inordinate, particularly when he went through the third pad and headed for the dogout in Matanzas, he told them to dry his tears for losing. This nobody told me, I lived it from the stands of the Matanzas colossus.

«Quite simply, a frank unethical and unsportsmanlike attitude, which all the media reported over and over; Of course it was a mockery of VM32. «

And those winds brought the waters that showed an Alarcón with a volatile and conflictive temperament, or perhaps with the desire to stand out against the right Alexander Rodriguez.

Then, not by visionary, but because it was a phenomenon that was shouted out loud, I said:

«… now the goal is to canonize him, perhaps with a view to the Caribbean Series and next year’s Classic, where Roger Machado will surely be the manager and that is why he gave his ratings.

«On the other hand, Ermidelio Urrutia, Alarcon’s manager, also offered his ratings in favor of the mask, but what was not said is that Alarcón, like many other players of these times, must learn from the simplicity, discipline and delivery of the Mentor of the Antillean baseball team Cuba that gave so much glory to our national sport. «

I recognize that in something I did not do it and it is in the direction of Roger Machado, but in the other …, there it is, already to Yosvani Alarcón the sanction was raised him so that the flannel of the four letters like the noblest one of The athletes and period.

And to repeat the comment in question, I repeat without the intention of discrediting Alarcón, but to draw attention to the fact that sanctions must be established to be fulfilled and not to silence mouths in moments of exalted spirits.

«Eye, because the children, adolescents and young people who saw this lamentable incident on television will take the following example: if you arrive at the Cuba team you can do any antics that the National Commission will surely pass your hand to you, otherwise the» biased » As much as possible to reduce any sanction. «



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