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Breathe the infinite from a house with a thousand windows

Gloria Machado León 30 enero, 2017
Deciphering the best of people, to undress the angel of their souls is a gift of nature; A gift that has allowed Rubén Darío Salazar to recognize in those around him the light and, in themselves, to reflect his own.

He would have been an excellent journalist to judge by the deep sense of the analysis that lodges his words and the conviction with which he undertakes each of his quixotic projects, but his weathercocks appeared in other ports and one day he discovered theatrical artist.

«If we take the number of inhabitants living in the city of Matanzas it might seem that there are few theater groups, but it is not. Those who have a history and those who have been born later are strong enough to show that here the theater is still alive from the time of José Jacinto Milanés until today.

«When I say live I want to say with groups that right now are in the scenic stage of the Island, marking a task, ways of working, whether with theater for children, contemporary theater, with experiments …

«In fact, many of the people in the groupings are new artists, leaders who emerge and impose their aesthetics, from what they have learned in schools or what they want to do as intuitive and talented people who love the world of art.»

The curtain opens and on the stage of the Matanzas culture appears a man, whose work pleases the child that was? I could even doubt it because somewhere in your body geography remains that little one who always returns to the darkness of a theater where life is magnified, problems are simplified and begins, as in every set, to build that fantastic dream Where everything is possible.

«I really am a man who dreams of feet on earth. I get up every day to do what it touches me, I want that I catch the morning doing what it touches me. The Pepe Camejo room, the Pelusín del Monte courtyard, the gallery and the library are results of not giving up on the effort, without looking 20 years ahead. Every day I live 20 years, and not only 20, I live the infinity. «

From Santiago to Matanzas

There are those who say that the name of each person has an impact on the development of their life; Perhaps it is true, perhaps not, but Rubén Dario shares his with one of the most prominent poets of modernism. And although he may not write like the Nicaraguan bard, if one takes into account formats and epochs, his poetry adopts the forms of the movements of his puppets.

Santiaguero of cradle, in the staging of his works usually perceive the storm of a line of mambises coming from the hot land, in perfect harmony with the calm air that gives him the bay of Matanzas, province where he has made the legacy of Dora Alonso, Virgilio Piñera and Abelardo Estorino.

«That heritage that has touched us here now doing theater, from Teatro D’Sur, Union of Kings, Icarón, El Mirón Cubano, Papalote, El Portazo, Spiral Dance and the same Stations, is a symptom of the Vitality enjoyed by the performing arts matanceras. It does not take a hundred collectives for it.

«To live is to be aware that what we are doing today is inheriting a theatrically beautiful way, essential for the culture of the province and the country and that we have to defend it until the forces give us and then continue to do so.»

To talk about actor Ruben, director and dreamer we would always have to peek at the window of his childhood. There we will discover a child who reads El Principito, Platero and I, the tales of Andersen, Grimm and The Golden Age.

Maybe we’ll be lucky and we can also see that first puppet of rag and yarn, made by an aunt who a little predicted his talent, a doll that accompanied him until, after fulfilling his illusions, ended one day for breaking. Luckily dreams are not destroyed as easily as a puppet and Ruben has been faithful to his own.

« Estaciones theater  and its prizes are the result of the constancy of believing in the theater as something that can be» creator  revealing, identity and stamp of Cuban culture, without ever losing its image and soul of Cuban.

From his entrance to the Higher Institute of Art, his first traces in the Papalote group, to the creation of Las Estaciones, have grown along with the creator and the human being, the artist and the son to whom his mother still Accompanies to witness the fortunes of the little boy who dreamed and has become the man who makes the theater more than art, his life.

The pretext to love life

It can be December or March. In Seasons you never feel cold, your knees will never shake, unless of emotion. Of course, you can perceive quite often in the room Pepe Camejo: passion, pain, joys …, a whole range of sensations fed by the infinite gift of good theater.

«I always see theater as a house with a thousand windows and the door open. The only thing that has

 to make a group, in this case Las Estaciones, is to oxygenate the ranks of the group so that people come out to breathe to the plain and not to the depths.
«It is a living group that interacts with all the arts, with society and with The time that we live, with responsibilities and an immense passion. It is a group that does not want to have any special seal that has to do with the limitation, but with openings, blends, combinations. For me, that’s the future.
«In the cozy atmosphere of the small home Estaciones has built on Calle Ayuntamiento, in the beautiful city of Matanzas, you can always find Rubén Darío, the man who has built a group which, more than A scenic collective, is an unstoppable and surprising explosion of resources, splurge of talent and exquisite sensitivity. It seems that his guide printed part of his being to the project that made it more than 2 decades ago.
Locuaz, always moving Rubén does not turn off the lights, every sunset is a new adventure. «The Matanzas performing arts are in a very special moment of work and search. The theater should never live in comfort, but in danger, in risks. Remember what meant Count Alarcos for the theater and if we follow that line we will find Aire frio, by Virgilio Piñera, Ni a yes or no, by Abelardo Estorino, the rich, wonderful and indispensable repertoire of René Fernández, with the contributions of José Milián.
«Gone are the crossroads, dreams, bells and shadows. A life does not fit into an interview. The dim light will remain on the stage and there will be a contagious applause. Then the silence will return, and with it will come the spectacle that invites you to return to time without wrinkles or worries. From the curtain of childhood will open the doors open to men like Ruben, who make art and theater the pretexts to love life.
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