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José María Vitier: a country made in a person

Gloria Machado León 30 enero, 2017

A trip through Cuba, its different eras, its people, its religion, and everything that makes this island genuinely unique, brought with it the concert of José María Vitier. This expression harmonious and beautiful in all its fullness, the flag of cubania that represents his artistic work.

The program that combined classic songs by the author and others of «Ofrendas», his most recent record production, was the reason for the appointment this Sunday in the Jose White Concert Hall of the Matanzas city. A song from the roots and originality gave the famous Cuban musician to the inhabitants of the City of bridges for whom the poor weather conditions did not mean an impediment.

Love and identity towards the autochthonous leaves this presentation that delighted, for little more than an hour, to an auditorium that knew to return the delivery and passion overturned by an excited and glad Vitier to be able to touch in the city where, for him, it initiated its Career as an artist.

For Matanzas, the cradle of his artistic vocation, he confessed to those present professing an unequaled love. It is the Athens of Cuba, the home to which we always return, a sense of trust and peace that gives this territory to those who do not consider themselves a visitor, but a son of this land of virtuosos.

A pleasant dialogue, as in family, accompanied the musical presentation that in several moments was aided of allegorical images to subjects of the repertoire. Once one, public and artist, once again reaffirms the genius of who so masterfully reflected the essence of a country in his work.

The sound singularity and compositional strength make works like «Prayer for Cuba» and «Danzón Imaginario» true exponents of a style and a grace that will endure in history, and that privileges those who listen to them transgress the barriers of the possible and are Transported over time.

The periods of Cuba are protagonists in the compositions of Vitier, who as a faithful witness narrates from his piano realities and legends that make up our idiosyncrasy. In its attachment to one’s own, this is one of the main values ​​of its creation. The universality of this composer becomes a prize for delivery and work from and for the Cuban.

As a Milanes who departs Vitier farewell afternoon, with the last musical note is made the promise of return. Only the applause that never ceases floods the auditorium that renders true tribute to a Cuban of all time.

Written by Héctor Alejandro Rivero Díaz, student of journalism

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