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JG in Matanzas: «My music is for the young people»

Gloria Machado León 31 enero, 2017

Juan Guillermo Almeida, director of the group JG, consolidates as a defender of Cuban popular music. It is very possible that the vocation was inherited from the father, the Commander of the Revolution Juan Almeida Bosque, who excelled as a composer – with about 900 unpublished works – and even entered into literature.

JG, however, has managed to work his way on his own merit, because as he himself stated: «being your child does not fill concerts.»

Self-taught, he took his first steps in art with the group Charanga Habanera and then integrated the popular People Zone for three years. Along with university studies began to receive singing classes. After graduating with a Degree in Law, he decided to dedicate himself to music and in December 2009 he formed his own project.

Recently, the presentation of his orchestra culminated the March of the Torches in the City of the Bridges, occasion in which Radio 26 obtained exclusive declarations.

«I am very happy to be here, that I have been chosen to close this activity on the 164th anniversary of the Apostle’s birthday. The main thing is that I will be surrounded by young people, which is how I like it, I love working for them. «

On the relationship that unites him to the Athens of Cuba JG, he assured:

«I played in the University of Matanzas, in the tennis court, in the nightclub Las Palmas and the public matancero has always welcomed me with tremendous affection.»

The young musician also shared his projects for the new year:

«Right now we are finishing our third album entitled ‘Until the sun comes out’, a very varied album, very fused. I have many guests: Havana D’Primera, El Niño and La Verdad, Adalberto Álvarez, Molano and the other issues are the authors of the members of the group, ideas in which we all collaborate and execute. The phonogram should be released by the end of February, under the Unicornio record label. I hope it will please the young people because the work is meant for them. «

Currently JG promotes the themes Devuélveme el besito and La belleza latina,next to Alexander Abreu.

«Right now Belleza Latina is what she likes the most. It tells the story of two friends who are on the phone and plan a way out to escape their partners, at the end of the video clip and after meeting several women, meet their two wives who also agreed to leave. Because I think all women are Latin beauties I really like this song. «

In its musical trajectory JG has been united to several groupings like  Qva Libre, Kelvis Ochoa, Cándido Fabré, Laritza Bacallao, Charanga Habanera. About these collaborations commented:

«Apart from the fact that ‘featuring’ is fashionable, I like it because it gives me the possibility to get into the audience of the other artist, in these cases I work for my followers, but also for those of the other. I think that brings you a lot of knowledge. «

With the promise of the soon return, JG says goodbye to people from Matanzas, leaving in the public the good taste of our popular music renewed with the imprint of young talent.


Original text by on Jan 31st, 2017.

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