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The first Doctor of Science in the Matanzas Vocational school

Gloria Machado León 31 enero, 2017

About three decades ago I met Yenis. Then I started my journals for the world of Journalism and she was the president of the Federation of Students of the Middle School (FEEM) in the province of Matanzas, the lively girl who with direct verb and first action, summoned The membership of that organization.

Some time later, I learned that by the end of the twelfth grade he responded positively to a need in the Matanzas territory and instead of Medicine, some branch of Engineering or Social Sciences – professions for which he had natural talent, too much merit – opted For the Degree in Education, in the specialty of Mathematics.

Once she graduated from the Pedagogical School, she completed two years of social service in the Cuban capital and then joined with that youthful energy that characterizes the army of educators at the school where she studied high school, the Pre-university Vocational Institute of Exact Sciences (IPVCE ) Carlos Marx, the same center where he received in January of this year 2017, the title of Doctor of Science.

And so we came to Yenis Cuétara Hernández, first Doctor in Pedagogical Sciences of IPVCE from Matanzas.

«Undoubtedly it is a strong emotion, a satisfaction for the duty fulfilled, but at the same time I consider that it should be an example for the rest of the young people who study in this institute and who do not opt ​​for pedagogical careers, because in the end You can become a good professional.

 «It is a tremendous satisfaction, not only for the students, but also because today many of my co-workers were my teachers, my managers.

«To this they say that this is the great blue house of  Matanzas students, but for me, it is my second house, because I study here, here I have worked for eight years in the formation of several generations of adolescents and here I received the Title of Doctor of Science. «

It means that in this center the foundation that is required for later studies is consolidated.

«Certainly, the instruction offered at this center is comprehensive, it includes, not only the orientation towards scientific and cultural knowledge, but also favors the preparation for social life.»

What challenges confirm the future program of this young Doctor in Pedagogical Sciences?

«Many people will think they are challenges related to scientific activity and this is really because when I defended the doctoral thesis the court suggested me to materialize that result in the publication of a book and my experience in the voice of another aspiring doctor , That is in the role of guardian and there we are already working.

«I will also continue to contribute my bit to the success of the educational work of the Cuban Revolution and in the personal order I want to be a mom this year (laughs).»


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