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Something better than silence in the plastic arts

Gloria Machado León 27 febrero, 2017

The members of the Hermanos Saíz Association, in Matanzas, have taken over some of the city’s main cultural spaces. In La caja negra, an audiovisual event that began last Wednesday and includes proposals related to the performing arts and music, also highlight the moments dedicated to the diffusion of the plastic arts.

Algo mejor que el silencio, the collective exhibition that is exhibited in the headquarters of the artists artisans these days, opens the opportunity to participate in the meeting of the students of the Professional Art School of Matanzas in an unusual exhibition.

From the conception of the modern, young people appropriate languages ​​based on the tendencies of Dadaism, a cultural movement that emerged during the first half of the eighteenth century, specifically towards 1916, with the intention of destroying the codes and systems established in the world of art.

Something better than silence bets on the new, flirts with the suggestive and for this is stripped of routines and conventions that often eat away the spontaneity of other visual scenarios.

In the selection of pieces, students always refrain from limitations in the use of materials: newspapers, magazines, advertisements and other objects are isolated from their daily functionality and acquire new interpretations to dialogue with the realities of each of them and Those of the spectators.

With accurate compositions they express the ways in which they conceive, understand and return the social determinants, psychological processes and human concerns, transformed into new and unique examples of art. With these precepts are works in which, as explained by the artist of the plastic Lilian Cedeño in the words of the catalog, work the new proposals of the most novices with the desire to break the silence and put to interact their problems, which coincide With those of his generation.

During the day of Saturday also took place a sample of audiovisual installations, performance and corporal painting, which added to the liked living statues and a contest of tattoos to give continuity to the black box, the audiovisual event that, from the Association Brothers Saiz in Matanzas, intends to break schemes and silences.










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