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Colon and Union de Reyes will discuss the provincial baseball final

Gloria Machado León 28 febrero, 2017
The Colón and Unión de Reyes teams will compete in the final stage of the Provincial Championship of Baseball in Matanzas, starting on Wednesday, March 1st, starting on the grounds of the 16 de Abril stadium, of the latter.

The Colombinos surpassed two games to one to the selection of Jovellanos with marks of 5 by 2 the past Friday and 9 by one in the Sunday day, since they had lost 2 by one on Saturday.

Union of Kings, who skated in their encounter of Friday 5 by 3 against Limonar, recovered and won Saturday 6 races by 1 and closed a day later with a success of 10 annotations by 6.

This decisive phase will be five shocks to win three, so they will play Wednesday and Thursday at the 16 de April stadium and Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th at the Mario Martínez Arará Park, in the city of Colón. If it is necessary to develop the fifth party, the shares will return to the Union Park.

At the end of the fair, the provincial pre-election will be formed with a view to the national classic, in which the matanceros will leave again with the aspirations to rank among the top six places and then look for a postseason post, according to his new director Victor Figueroa , Who closely followed the provincial contest.

Speaking to colleague Michel Iglesias, Figueroa said that «the territorial event developed its activities with quality and good discipline and it was possible to appreciate a group of young talents who will go to pre-selection of the sub-23 and others to the concentrate of elders.»

As for the first six places of the provincial, as it is logical between Union of Kings and Colon will be places one and two, Jovellanos occupied the third position, Limonar was fourth and closed the group avant-garde Perico and Matanzas.

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