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Matanzas is committed to the rational use of energy

Gloria Machado León 28 febrero, 2017

The saving and the use of renewable sources are some of the priorities of the province and the country, in general, to achieve energy efficiency. A call that involves both the state and residential sectors, only this way will advance in this campaign.

Ángel Núñez Barreto, from the National Office of Regional Energy Use (ONURE) Matanzas, said that an important decision on the issue of energy carriers results in the introduction of new technologies.

He stated: «It has created a consciousness of saving, reducing energy costs and that is very well; Now where the Cuban State must make greater efforts and have greater answers will be in the use of the benefits of Science and sophisticated equipment, modern and less consumers.

He also mentioned that there are institutions, such as those of the Ministry of Tourism, which have ample financing possibilities and have therefore taken significant steps. However, some industries are delayed, such as the Meat Company, the Milk and the Bellotex, which work with very old machinery and must invest in a short period of time to recover investment and boost energy efficiency, which is a Of fundamental policies.

For many years Cuban society has been informed about these issues and has increased its culture in this regard. Using fluorescent lamps, turning off unnecessary lights and cooking outside the peak hours highlight among the measures that are taken individually, small alternatives that do not carry large capital injections, but the contribution of each imports the consumption of electricity throughout the nation.

Núñez Barreto warned that: «In Cuba actions are taken to change the energy matrix; The generation with renewable sources covers about four percent and we want to reach 24 by 2030; That takes an assimilation of important technology, when it is achieved will be of great magnitude because this is one of the processes that not only includes the Greater Antilles, but also the whole world. Oil is a finite fuel, but the Sun has no limits, just like water and wind these natural resources will always exist. «

The province of Matanzas is committed to a future where energy production is balanced so that it does not affect the environment that surrounds us, a tomorrow that can take advantage of natural resources and where people make rational and efficient use of what we have today.



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