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For a more beautiful and orderly touristic pole

Gloria Machado León 7 marzo, 2017

“The new regulations for the exercise of self-employment in Varadero are necessary for the country, in order to achieve an ordered tourist pole and with the quality standards demanded by the international market,” said Lourdes Sarmiento, vice president of the Council of the Provincial Administration (CAP) of Matanzas that attends the economic sphere.

The measures, agreed by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, will be applied exclusively in the main destination of sun and beach of the Island for which the CAP was designated as a mechanism in charge of its implementation.

According to the provisions, only the indispensable minimum non-state forms of management that are compatible with tourism or that respond to the needs of the population will work.

No increase in the exercise of non-state forms of management is allowed, except in exceptional cases of new space leases and activities such as child care assistant, caregiver for the sick, disabled or elderly, domestic worker, among others specified in The legislation.

Sarmiento said that the training of people who, in the field, carry out the policy, is already organized to avoid conceptual mistakes:

“Supporting community factors such as combatants, Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and cadres will be vital to the successful implementation of the established.”

The use of exterior areas of houses or other buildings such as patios, gardens, side aisles or portals is prohibited, except for gastronomy activities and personal and technical services for domestic use.

“This particular measure is aimed at preserving values ​​of urbanism such as uniformity and aesthetics that resent the placement of tables in very visible areas. We know that it will affect many people, the economy of many people, it is important that people understand the usefulness of what will be done given the significance of this territory for national monetary income, “said Lázaro González Varela, provincial director of the Ministry of Labor And Social Security.

The activities related to the sale of handicraft products will be relocated in state plazas, built for this purpose and found on streets 19 and 20, 37, 43 and 44, 49 of the First Avenue of Varadero.

It is authorized to exercise these services only to the contracted holders or workers who are included in the Population and Housing Census for 2012.

The document also establishes the conversion of the agricultural market of Santa Marta into another one that will be attended by natural and legal persons and will be managed as a cooperative.

It is stipulated that the Services and Procedures unit of Santa Marta is responsible for authorizing the exercise of self-employment in Varadero regardless of the place of residence of the worker.

The extension of the National Office of Tax Administration of Santa Marta will guarantee the fulfillment of the tax obligations for which, in addition to the functions common to the rest of the country’s offices, it has other specific ones, detailed in the legal body.

We only have to wait for the agility and totalc in the execution of the stipulated, as both the people who live and work in this area and the tourists who visit it deserve it.


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