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Abelardo Estorino´Day : route where the theater lives

Gloria Machado León 21 marzo, 2017

The municipality of Unión de Reyes grew architecturally from the hand of a fruitful theatrical tradition. Cradle of important figures of the Cuban scene and literature, which symbolizes a fertile land for the art of the tables.

Since the year 2000 there is a month in which his usual tranquility changes due to the hustle and bustle of the comings and goings of artists involved in promoting theater. As bees to the honeycomb also the public goes to the Abelardo Estorino Day. An annual meeting to keep alive the legacy that remains attached to the history of this town since the nineteenth century.

With the presence of important theatrical ensembles of the country, the XVII edition closed its doors after being celebrated between the 16 of March and the Sunday 19 last. This time the appointment with the art of the tables celebrated the 37th anniversary of the group Teatro D’Sur, with headquarters in the Matancero municipality, where they work in spite of adversity.

Its director Pedro Vera, founder in addition to the theatrical party, received one of the dedications for its 65 years of life. A journey that like a son grows and takes giant steps of the hand of the friends. Fruit that carries the effort to defend the theater from the union scene.

From his home accompanied by photos and memories of a life for the theater, Pedro Vera offered some statements.

This day is very important, with more than ten years of stability we have achieved the assistance of valuable groups and the public, a public formed in the theater that appreciates all the stage proposals.

“I think it’s also worth the quality of the repertoires represented and the figures of the national theater who honor us with their presence. The signs of affection grow and more and more groups choose the municipality as a scene and that is a prize. “

The imprint of Pedro Vera was united in recognitions to the one of Verónica Lynn in his 85 years of life. Two professional careers that drove the art of the tables in the village. For this reason the recognition was the protagonist of the day through some of the activities that formed the program of the event.

They included the Memorias made by the members of the House of the Scenic Memory of Matanzas, the presentation of the documentary Y la nave va, by the director Yasiel Rodríguez and the tribute by a floral offering placed in the tomb of Abelardo Estorino.

Likewise, in the theatrical celebration Carlos Torrent, provincial director of Culture, delivered in the hands of Pedro Vera the distinction La Tórtola. Lauro awarded for the first time on February 17th last to personalities who work in favor of the Matanzas culture.

On the other hand, the billboard was conformed with several casts of the theatrical panorama like Donor Theater, of Sancti Spíritus; Papalote, Icarón, El Mirón Cubano, To them theater and the company El Mejunje, from Santa Clara, that under the direction of Ramón Silveiro assists every year.

The circus varieties were in charge of Spectro, who also conformed the proposals of the 17th edition. Functions for children and adults who changed routines for four days, as Noslén González Sosa, one of the organizers of the theatrical event and programmer of the Provincial Council of the Performing Arts, said.

“This edition of the Abelardo Estorino Day constituted a space to consolidate the theater in Unión de Reyes. The public, avid for theater, filled in each function the Municipal Culture House Pablo Quevedo, main venue of the presentations. There it was possible to enjoy and dialogue with the artists and guests, space that became site for the confrontation. For the next edition it is valid to keep it with the same spirit and the same spirit. “

The inhabitants of the region have the inheritance of being faithful lovers of the theater and they demonstrate it annually with the welcome that they offer to the day. After four days, the XVII Abelardo Estorino Theater Day ends, an annual event that can not be forgotten, but must be maintained at all costs, due to its value in preserving the theatrical legacy of the province.

Its architecture only shows some vestiges of what it was, but the art of the tables continues there perennially like the son who always returns to the house where he was born.

    Photos of Abel López Montes de Oca



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