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Abelardo in the memory of the theater

Gloria Machado León 22 marzo, 2017

Abelardo Estorino meant for many people a stage master, the personification of the theater and the continuity of an art as old as the different forms of expression.

Dedicated to this personality, each year the Teatro D’Sur group summons a day to remember it. About his legacy tells the actor Wilfredo Mesa:

“Estorino is like our artistic mentor, he followed us in every way, we bring to the scene many of his works. Pepe, as we know the closest, will always be in Teatro D’Sur; Every time a curtain is opened it will be in homage to this great figure. “

Faced with the question of whether the teachings of Estorino are kept alive, Wilfredo responds:

“Yes, of course, the day bears his name and will bear that seal as it occurs. The whole public knows that this time we remember Abelardo in his native land. “

The day has been developed for almost two decades in the municipality of Union de Reyes, without a doubt, an incentive to seek new ideas and continue with more strength in the exercise of creating.

“The main challenge is to maintain quality in the diffusion and promotion of the theater, so that, from the cultural policy itself and those who manage the culture in the province, know that the locality is a key site in the development of the demonstration. That is why it becomes a priority to sustain what has been achieved. Our goal will be to work harder, to demonstrate that great things can be done with the mystery of creation. “

Wilfredo Mesa belongs to Teatro D’Sur, one of the companies that faithfully follows the dramatic line initiated by Estorino, a group that has broad attachment to its roots and outlines its own distinctive features; In this regard comments:

“Teatro D’Sur, according to Pedro Vera, its director, is a group with the tear in hand; Again and again we return to the classics: Stanislaski and Grotowski and we approach our basic line is the drama. However, we do some placements for children in rural communities, in the portal of any house, in different locations and with different languages, we enjoy art, we love it par excellence and we like to pass it on to other people so that they can also become passionate.

Abelardo is a recurring point in the shows of this day, in Teatro D’Sur and in the town that every year reissues its steps. It is a flow and enigma for people who, the more they know it, feel that much remains to be discovered.
Abelardo Estorino Pedro Vera Teatro D’Sur Union of Kings Wilfredo Mesa



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