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On the danzon route in Matanzas: legacy to defend

Gloria Machado León 4 abril, 2017

During the last hours of the previous Sunday, Matanzas recalled the times of the past when the Danzon dressed his streets with sensuality. The nineteenth century was transformed into actuality, although it enjoyed the good airs of the contemporary, during the closing of the second edition of the International Meeting Danzonero Miguel Failde in Memoriam.

Twenty-seven couples joined the dance competition Ricardo Benedict Varela (Angoa), to fill with colors and lights the destinies of the Cuban national dance in Matanzas land.

An example of this is the participation of many young people in the contest and the award of the Grand Prix to two of them is proof that the new generations also enjoy the anthological rhythm … and do it well.

“For us it means a lot to receive this prize, an infinite greatness, because in the Danzon we find the roots of our people, where we were born, grew and continue to develop. We did it with a lot of love, we like this genre, we believe that it does not die and that the youth can know it and even love it like us to not let it die, because that is the identity of the Cubans.

“We enjoy the rhythm of the danzón because it has a rhythm that is contagious, that the youth does not know and we fight so that they also see how tasty it is to dance it”, confessed Yaimara Luque, winner of the competition of pairs.

“The experience has been wonderful, this recognition is very important for our career because we also receive it in the birthplace of the Danzon in Matanzas. That is the biggest motivation, to love other young people, even since children, because it is part of their culture, our culture. The danzón magic is in the heart that you put it, “added his partner Wolquis Walter.

As the dancer, choreographer and director of the dance company Danza Espiral said in her role as president of the jury that analyzed the executions in the dance, the Guantanamo couple emphasized by the cleanliness of their steps, elegance, style and excellent rapport Which they demonstrated when dancing together, in addition to their delivery, a decisive factor if one takes into account the importance of the role of young people in bringing other young people to the genre.

As for the composition competition, among the 13teen participating works, the matancero José Canito rose with the highest honors for bringing contemporaneous elements to the rhythm in the piece Somos somos. “It is a danzón to which new sonorities have been included. It is inspired by love. I am already preparing the themes that I will present to the contest next year, it is a danzon and a mambo. “

María Victoria Oliver, the jury leader of the theoretical event, highlighted the diversity of themes defended, all related to danzon and its repercussion within tradition and identity, “the relevance of defending the legacy and transmit it to future generations as a faithful Expression of Cuban culture “.

The nightclub charmed Rubalcaba, the Mexican Danzonera La Playa and the emblematic Aragon orchestra, which, from the autochthonous and the identity of its music, first seduced and then put to dance to those present in the terraces of the Bahía restaurant.

The Danzon International Meeting of Miguel Failde in Memoriam concluded, an event that demonstrates that the danzon lives, but this is only the beginning of a long way to settle the historical debt with the most authentic of Cuban musical traditions. In our hands is to turn the national dance into the eternal companion of our idiosyncrasy.

Photos: Roberto Ruiz Espinosa


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