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Party of the pioneers and young people from Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 4 abril, 2017

The jubilation and color were installed today in Cuban classrooms. It is April 4th and even the little ones know that this day marks the birthday of the José Martí Pioneers Organization and their sister, the Union of Young Communists.

The basic secondary school Ramón Mathieu González, from the city of Matanzas, developed a special morning in which students and professors were recognized with the condition 4 of April and there was no lack of cultural brushstroke.

The pioneer Rosío Requeijo, deserving of the distinction, said:

«It is a great satisfaction to receive this encouragement in front of my friends and colleagues, but above all I commit to continue studying and striving. Being a member of this organization is a pride, I congratulate all my colleagues in their day. «

The occasion was also favorable to reward the winners of the competitions We learned to love you, Trazaguas, My organization and I, Civil defense in action and With the flower of your smile.

Mabel de la Caridad Sánchez, a recognized teacher with this condition stated:

«It’s an achievement for me professionally, but it pleases me personally because it is delivered to the educators who maintain a close bond with the students. The OPJM contributes to the formation of values ​​in the children, to their cultural overcoming through competitions, the movement of explorers, the assemblies pioneers «.

Raiza Espinosa, president of the structure in the province, said: «This time we wanted to do something different, we planned a tour along with other authorities of the sector as Raúl Hernández Galarraga, provincial director of Education, and Edilberto Casanova, head of the department of Basic Secondary In the territory, by some schools to avoid that the activities covered only a center. Everyone deserves the celebration. «

One, two and three: Congratulations pioneers in your day!

As a great party full of music, gifts and even the presentation of a clown with huge red nose lived the students of the Manuel Ascunce Domenech elementary school, the provincial head, this day.

The festivities, distinguished by the spontaneity and grace of the smallest, became the ideal opportunity to give the outstanding students the April 4 status, among them Daniela Gómez Menéndez:

«It is an honor for me, I would like to serve as an example to my colleagues so that all strive and achieve it.»

Professor Rogelio Bosa, with more than 40 years of experience and reincorporated education, said:

«I am very happy, it is an achievement of pioneering work that is our daily work. We must perfect ourselves, we can always do more. «

The motto of being like Che, a promise that brings together Cuban children and adolescents in the effort to form themselves as the new man, put an end to this day of celebration.


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