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For a conscious and committed youth

Gloria Machado León 5 abril, 2017
«The Union of Young Communists (UJC), on its 55th anniversary, must transform itself for the sake of greater protagonism and representation of the youth universe,» said Yannara Concepción Domínguez, the first secretary of this organization in the province of Matanzas.

The youth leader also referred to the functioning of the avant-garde organization:

«There are many proposals from young people to mobilize work in society. We make necessary connections, a space for open dialogue, which includes the recreational, didactic, cultural, sporting and stimulating the formation of values ​​such as patriotism.

«In these meetings the concept of Revolution bequeathed by the Commander-in-Chief is present, as his figure is significant for us for his work and confidence. It is very well deserved this homage that we perform from these spaces. We also carry out youth assets from different sectors such as farmers, health and tourism. The main objective is participation.

«We also made nest-boxes, dialogues between generations, in order to get closer to the bases and highlight the enthusiasm and vitality as qualities of the youth. The theme of healthy recreation was one of the most debated. «

Regarding the challenges faced by young communists, he said:

«We need to continue to politically and ideologically prepare our members, invite them to a greater participation in the networks, to achieve a greater bond of the leaders with the bases. You have to reach the farthest committee. This is the only way to compromise and convince.

«This has been a different year and shows of these are these actions that already counted. Soon we will arrive at the World Festival of Youth and Students with the recognition of our Party, the Association of Combatants. We must transform the environment, the educational centers, the universities. «

As part of the celebration yesterday, at 8:30 p.m., a political-cultural gala was held at the Velasco cinema, in the city of Matanzas, where the work of former youth leaders was recognized:

«For this we involve the Hermanos Saíz Association, the Art Instructors Brigade, the Martiano Youth Movement and youth organizations.»

The days of celebration will conclude with a traditional activity:

«Matanzas will be the national headquarters of the traditional camping in greeting to the 56th anniversary of the victory of Playa Giron. This action will take place on the night of 18 to 19 April in the camping Girón with the accompaniment of Mayabeque and Havana. As usual we will visit sites of historical interest and will conclude with an act in that locality on the 19th.

Original text on April 5th, 2017

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