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Announce new date for Cuban telenovela, will it be the definitive one?

Gloria Machado León 14 abril, 2017

Several dates have accompanied the information related to the release to the air of the Cuban telenovela. Initially Tiempos de amar, the proposal announced under the direction of Ernesto Fiallo, would be transmitted from November 2016, but did not materialize due to missing details in the presentation.

After managing that the definitive date would be for beginnings of this 2017, neither happened the product of an executive decision of the national television.

To the misfortune of lovers of the novels produced in Cuba it will be disappointing to know that it will not be until July, with the beginning of summer programming, when the long-awaited Tiempos de amar arrives on our screens, as it was reflected in Cubadebate‘s digital site .

The reason for such determination is in line with the acceptance of the Brazilian soap opera Rastros de mentiras and dislikes that would generate the reduction of its frequency from five weekly chapters to two, Tuesdays and Thursdays, as will be the foreign soap operas when national productions are Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

I think this was an emerging decision in the face of the fact that the Cuban soapopera was not ready when it was supposed to be airing. Even so, and although to a certain extent it is understandable, this solution is far from satisfying the expectations of the viewers who are eager to enjoy a product close to their realities, where they expose their concerns, what daily feels and lives .

As has been announced on more than one occasion, Tiempos de amar will be the next screenplay of director Ernesto Fiallo who will occupy the nights of the channel Cubavision. According to his director, he will have 80 chapters of 45 minutes and Raúl Paz will be in charge of the music.

In an interview granted, Fiallo, previously in charge of La Otra Esquina, explained that the plot takes place in Havana. It is a contemporary soapopera, that tries to be a reflection of these times seen from the family and its conflicts.

What can not be doubted is that the television space of the novel has been implanted, over the years and despite the ups and downs that the genre has suffered in its latest installments, as one of the proposals for greater cultural consumption in The Island, from the iconic Sol de batey, Tierra Brava, Passion and prejudice, Orphaned by Obrapía and Cuando el agua regresa a la Tierra.

It would be a good time to reflect on the transcendence of gender, rooted in national popular culture for more than six decades. We have to revitalize the industry, we have to find alternatives for production, we have to stabilize frequencies and continuity. There are many expectations with this TV series, too delayed by many. But the most important thing is that it manages to rescue a space that we can not afford to lose.

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