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A monument that tells stories

Gloria Machado León 15 abril, 2017

The restoration of the Monument to the Unknown Soldier Mambí, located in the founding Plaza de la Vigía, marked the beginning of the activities included in the Matanzas 325 Plan, aimed at the rehabilitation of the city to celebrate the anniversary of its foundation in 2018, explained Leonel Pérez Orozco, Conservative of the City.

«It’s a beautifully chiseled piece. Incarnates a mambí in an outfit that, of course, did not have the mambises at that time because they were very poor. He is completely dressed in his uniform, his hat, his machete, his gun, his boots. In addition, it was carved with an incredible level of detail.

«We can catalog it as an artistic work of very fine elaboration, made by the Italian sculptor Carlos Nicolini. Initially it was located in the grounds of the fire department barracks, in front of the José White Music Academy, where it was during years 1916 and 1918, until in 1918 the park of the Place of the Watch was constructed and moved there . «

From the first of March a cooperative of artists artisans, coming from the province of Holguín, develops the works that will return the beauty to the matancero monument.

His work highlights the excellence with which the team previously assumed the restoration of the Cemetery of Santa Ifigenia, in Santiago de Cuba, with a master’s degree that now put to the service of the sculptural piece of the Plaza de la Vigia, in the cemetery of the City of Matanzas and in some marble structures of the Sauto theater, such as statues, park benches and floors.

In addition to the historical and aesthetic values ​​of the Monument to the Unknown Mambí Soldier, one of the most important works carved in Carrara marble within the province, highlights the symbolic character of its creation.

«The work has a historical, monumental and symbolic transcendence. Although it has been said that the city of Matanzas was not affected by the rigors of the wars of independence, many of their children gave their lives fighting against Spain in the name of freedom. Pedro Betancourt and the generals of Matanzas are examples of the offering of life for the cause independentista.

«However, there are a significant number of men who died without the population knowing who they were. Cuba, as it happens in many countries of the world, has erected monuments to these unknown soldiers. These men dedicated the Monument to the Unknown Mambí Soldier. «

When the restoration is completed, a small neoclassical fence will be placed and about 80 centimeters high around the sculpture, which will decorate the heart of the historical center of the city of Matanzas, National Monument, with a beauty hitherto hidden behind the passage of the years.



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