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The Guanima bridge: a safe and attractive pace

Gloria Machado León 22 abril, 2017

The Guanima Bridge, the youngest in the city of Matanzas, was opened to the pedestrian and vehicular passage, the 20 of the currents, two months before the established in the schedule of execution.

The conclusion of this first stage of the project, which was also distinguished by the reduction of the budget of the investment in 400 thousand pesos, was mainly achieved by the correct organization and development of the construction operations and the timely responses of the main actors of the project. process.

Workers carry the flag of Proeza Laboral granted them by the CTC.

In this work was determinant the unconditionality and industriousness of the builders, brigade to which the Central of Workers of Cuba (CTC) gave to him the flag of Proeza Laboral.

Erected near the beach Tennis, this route that takes the name with which the Cuban aborigines baptized yumurina bay, is an essential element in the tourist corridor Havana-Varadero.

Able to withstand loads of more than 30 tons and the daily passage of just over 38 thousand vehicles, the Guanima consists of two separate roadways and built with a typology of potted beams that guarantee its durability.

According to the precisions of the engineer María Elena Tabío Alfonso, director of the project of execution that began on May 6, 2016, the work was also characterized by the care of that area of ​​the Rada Matancera, because in it did not pour The debris of the 400 cubic meters of demolition.

Tarja that illustrates the inauguration of the Guanima bridge in 1994.

In the construction order, the engineer detailed, 220 tons of reinforcing steel, 40000 cubic meters of concrete and 128 post-tensioned beams of 25 tons and 20 meters in length were placed.

“It was a work well designed from a technical-material point of view and complied with the quality demanded by international standards. The bridge looks more modern by the touch of the new design of railings, imported aluminum railings and led lighting, “added Tabío Alfonso.

Now there are only 45 days of work to conclude with the second part of the work, which includes the ranchones and the opening of the gastronomic center, adjacent to Guanima, the pedestrian and vehicular route that since 1994 is part of the group for which Matanzas It takes the nickname of City of Bridges.



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