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Courier, a profitable option

Gloria Machado León 26 abril, 2017

More than 10 years ago, the mail unit Matanzas 1, located in the street between the Middle between Santa Teresa and City Council provides the National and International Messaging service.

The packages arriving at the center come from all countries in the world and customers can pick them up from Monday to Friday, from 12 noon to 2 in the afternoon.

In this sense, says Isis Marimón García, manager of the green channel of the Matanzas post office 1.

“The packages arrive at the Change Management in Havana, they pass through Customs until arriving at our entity. If the package contains a telephone number, the recipient is advised by this means, if he is not notified by the postman to his postal address. “

What regulations exist to send packages to Cuba?

“They must be natural persons and present the identity card so that it costs them in national currency because for foreigners the cost is in cuc”.

Shipments should only contain the items that Customs has established in the procedures manual and not exceed 200 cuc.

“The price of the kilogram is 20 cuc, up to 1.5 kg is charged in national currency provided it does not have objects considered durable by Customs, as they have a set price. Packages can contain miscellaneous, food, personal cleanliness, footwear, medications. With regard to the latter, it is valid to clarify that up to 10 kilograms will only be charged 11.30 cup and that within this category include adult disposable culeros.

Also, residents on the island can send packages abroad. The same must be delivered closed and the person has to declare its real content because if it incurs this will be returned by Customs. The cost in national currency will depend on the geographical area and the weight should not exceed 10 kilograms.

So it is important that customers are documented on the articles that are allowed to enter the country.

Isis Marimón García, manager of the green channel of the postal unit, said that in recent times has been reduced the plunder and changes in content, as the time of shipments is less.

The national and international messenger service also includes ordinary and certified mail, the latter is used for official documents and has a tracking sticker for the control of the same.


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