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Deserved recognition to veterans and founders of the CTC and Heroes of Labor

Gloria Machado León 27 abril, 2017

As in previous years the Center of Events of the Cuban Workers ‘Confederation (CTC) in Matanzas, located on the outskirts of the Matanzas capital, was the setting chosen for the fraternal meeting between the current union leaders with veterans of the workers’ organization and The 13 matanceros that bear the title of Hero of the Work of the Republic of Cuba.

The event, which is part of the usual activities planned by the trade union movement on May 1, began with an audiovisual material on the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, and continued with a well-deserved public recognition to those decorated with the Maximum distinction, to valiant founders of the CTC in the country like Roberto Veiga Menéndez; Who was a friend and colleague of Lázaro Peña’s work, and veterans leaders of the Central Obrera in Matanzas, among them Reynaldo Valdés Grillo and Reinaldo Martínez Cordelo.

For a couple of hours the entertainers shared memories and emotions with a group of young grassroots leaders present in the activity; To those who told personal anecdotes about their dedication to the organization that represents Cuban workers, as well as reflected on the role that corresponds to the “new pines”

In their addresses to the participants Isdalys Rodriguez and Rogelio Leiva, CTC holders in the municipality and the province respectively ensured that the current generation of union leaders will be able to draw on the experience and example of their predecessors to continue and perfect the work Invincible of the Cuban Revolution

When asked for her assessments of the tribute, the young union leader Rosalí Moya Sánchez of the Construction Union said.

“I think it is very good that the most experienced labor heroes and trade unionists share with the young people, transmit their best experiences to learn how to carry out this difficult task of representing and defending the rights of the labor collectives before the administration and at the same time being able To mobilize and unite all workers “

A space to preserve history and unity, became the traditional exchange of experiences between several generations of union leaders, all ready to celebrate with the people from Matanzas the International Workers Day.



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