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Mix of pain and hope, of reaffirmation

Gloria Machado León 28 junio, 2017

Fifty years ago, when you decided that your duty was to continue fighting for the ideals of Bolivar and Martí, for the independence and unity of the whole of America, to say goodbye to Cuba, Fidel and his people wrote.

«… here I leave the purest of my hopes of constructor and the most beloved among my loved ones … and I leave to a town that admitted to me like a son».

Bolivia claimed your presence and your Rocinante rode like a wild steed towards that nation, because you, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, you, Che, were convinced that great dreams carry great and immense sacrifices.

So Cubans who were very young or those who had not yet been born learned to love, respect and admire your image as a whole man, a model that our parents and your fight partners gave us to multiply between Los Pinos Nuevos.

With this treasure as a guide for daily combat, we witnessed for the first time the news that a mixed group of forensic anthropology formed by Argentines and Cubans, besides Cuban geophysicists and Italian technicians, had found in areas of the old Vallegrande airport Pit number 7 with the remains of the Heroic Guerrilla.

The event, which took place on June 28, 1997, confirmed that the remains found during the period also belonged to Cuban internationalists René Martínez Tamayo (Arturo), Alberto Fernández Montes de Oca (Pacho) and Orlando Pantoja Tamayo (Antonio); The Bolivian guerrillas Simeón Cuba (Willy) and Aniceto Reynaga (Aniceto); And the Peruvian fighter Juan Pablo Chang (El Chino).

From the dental characteristics, where the absence of a molar was verified, the skeleton without hands, because the CIA amputated the limbs to Che, allowed to confirm that skeleton number 2 (in order of appearance), was Che Guevara.

A scientific study that was completed with the analysis of a fracture in the clavicle, forearm, second dorsal vertebra, femur and thigh; And the coincidences in race, sex, age and stature of the legendary fighter.

Then, on July 12, 1997, in a time of great pain and intense grief, the people of Cuba received the remains of their unforgettable son and his fellow guerrillas.

 «… today their remains come to us, but they do not arrive beaten; They have become heroes, eternally young, brave, strong, bold. «

She expressed, visibly moved, Aleida Guevara March, Che’s daughter.

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