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Perform in Matanzas graduation ceremony of Doctors in Sciences

Gloria Machado León 29 junio, 2017

The scientific degree of Doctor of Science in various specialties was given to 43 professors, more numerous graduation since the opening of the higher studies in Matanzas, in an official act realized in the Concert Hall Jose White, located in Matanzas city.
Professionals from the Ministries of Education and Public Health, the Indio Hatuey Pasture and Fodder Experiment Station, the university branches of the Union of Kings and Los Arabos, the university centers of Cárdenas and Jagüey Grande and the University of Matanzas received the Titles that accredit them as highly qualified experts and with deep mastery of the branch of knowledge that they investigate.
Leyda Finalé de la Cruz, rector of the academic institution, commented that this graduation represents an important step in the growth of the center that leads to higher categories of evaluation.
On the occasion, the work of the tutors was also recognized, especially those who collaborated with more than one thesis, and the 40th Anniversary diploma was awarded, at the proposal of the House of High Studies in the framework of the 4 decades of the Foundation of the system of scientific degrees of the Republic of Cuba.
Dailín Medina Nogueiras, PhD in Industrial Engineering and the youngest graduate, said that the action of the scientist must exceed the limits of the academy to become a subject that stimulates the improvement of society and guarantees the training of other specialists, As far as possible, better than their teachers.


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