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Impurities from art: nudity in photography

Gloria Machado León 30 junio, 2017

With high and low, more or less representation in the visual arts throughout the cultural history of man and according to the geographical region from which it comes, the naked has always been present, even persisting before the prejudiced view of many.

Usually its appearance is associated to the search for a figurative language in certain processes of the social, political or cultural construction of a country. But in the case of impurities of the water, an exhibition that very recently motivated exclamations among the spectators matanceros in the headquarters of the UNEAC, naked men are exposed naked that throw themselves to the adventure without pretending something beyond to perpetuate the beauty of The human figure.

«I have always felt a preference for controversial things, I always seek to go beyond the ordinary, the expected, the common. Naked will always be a taboo anywhere in the world, in any culture. In Cuba, a Caribbean country with strong macho features still in the popular imagination, I think this proposal becomes a bit of a way to go to the forefront with this type of photographs.

«The recurring element in each of the pieces is water that, in some way, contains impurities, that is one of the readings that the title may have,» said Ever Cano, creator of the show.

Although the most perceptive viewers will not conform to these interpretations, they will seek the essence in the title of the exhibition: Water impurities, terms that are symbolic semantic axes if you take into account the prejudices that precede the use of the nude since times Immemorial

«Reading a lot of Cuban criticism and the stories related to the subject of the nude, understood from eroticism, pornography, sexuality in a general sense, I have perceived that it has always been a subject of high complexity for what it represents.

«During these analyzes I realized that there is an attitude designed to soften how strong the visual representation of a body in leather can be, with the idea that it is used as a way to tackle problems that are beyond their appreciation. We are in the presence of reductionist and impoverishing ideas of the cultural dimension that the theme may have in its artistic representation.

«In the case of this sample I consider that it is a selection of photographs that, above all, stands out for its essence of looking for other very interesting edges to show us the male nude. He had never enjoyed such a suggestive approach from the reflection in the water. It seems to me also daring from a sort of deportment gaudy «, argued Danilo Vega Cabrera, specialist in visual arts.

Other highlights in this photographic exhibition are the use of color and black and white tones and the strength with which it assumes an uninhibited and daring posture to focus its images on a theme as common and at the same time controversial as the nude.

«The work has an excellent invoice from the technical point of view; Its variety is remarkable, how it manages to justify every detail of the conformation of photography from the title itself and the format selected to match the set of pieces as a thematic line that shares important values ​​from the visual. The relation human figure and nature becomes a special hook for this show to work with the applause of the public, «said Damián Valdés, curator at the Matanzas provincial gallery Pedro Esquerré.

«A great teacher of the plastic arts matanceras told me one day that an artist who is afraid of criticism does not believe. I consider that the sample is quite bold and needy, because the nude has always been valued as a taboo. In the times in which we live, an era of constant technological advances and highlighting the work of the LGBT community in defense of equal rights, it seems to me that the artist makes clear his point of view and his opinions through Of his art, «added Amor Díaz Campos, principal specialist in the institution.

Impurities of the water, an exhibition that according to the artist will arrive at the gallery José Miguel González, from Colón, during the coming month of August, is part of a sequence of exhibitions created by Ever Cano, whose first presentation was developed at the Museo Lezama Lima, Of Havana, at the same time that it becomes a sort of revisit of the creator to the artistic production after many years dedicated to other works and a reunion with its parents, who fertilized and carved their way, so close to the plastic arts.

The naked from the unprejudiced vision and nothing contained, as a direct, truthful and definitive expression of what the human body represents, not only as a communicating vehicle or transmitter of unfounded desires, but also as a source of eroticism and beauty without limits.


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