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Young time does not die

Gloria Machado León 30 junio, 2017

This is called a beautiful song; Interpreted by the famous Cuban composer Donato Poveda, who served as theme and inspiration for a television series on the clandestine fight transmitted in 1980 and that today I remember in a special way 60th anniversary of the murder of three brave young people of the July 26 movement in Santiago from Cuba.

The names of Josué País García, Floro Vistel and Salvador Pascual are forever united to the history of this nation. The three, courageously fell in an action against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, on June 30th, 1957, in the so-called Hero city, cradle of the Cuban Revolution.

On that tragic day, the minions of Batista, led by Rolando Masferrer, organized a meeting in Santiago de Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, a rally to support the tyranny and also to demonstrate to national public opinion that there was no opposition to the regime.

Faced with the challenge, the response of the members of the 26 de Julio Movement did not wait. It had been organized by clandestinity, a powerful retort to such provocation and one of those actions was to place in early hours, a time bomb in the place where the minions would read his speech

However, before noon, firefighters showered the place and the artifact never burst. The explosion would be the signal for the beginning of several actions to be carried out by several armed commandos, but when it did not take place Josué, next to Floro and Salvador, decided to fulfill the entrusted mission, and in this way to demonstrate that Santiago de Cuba was in the foot of fight .

Detected by a police patrol, the protagonists of the action were pursued with fury by the hit men. A shot hit the car of the revolutionaries, which caused its impact against an electric pole. Flower and Savior died instantly, while Joshua, who was wounded, offered resistance until he collapsed. It was mounted, wounded, in a “jeep” of the navy. On the way to the hospital, he received a deadly shot in the temple. Some witnesses affirm that before being assassinated his voice was heard shouting: Long live the Revolution! Long live Fidel!

The death of the revolutionaries filled the people of Santiago with sadness, Joshua Country, had not reached the age of 20 when it was completed; Floro was 23 and Salvador Pascual 22.

His funeral gathered an immense crowd; To the front marched the mother of Josué Doña Rosario, who ordered that the coffin was not closed, so that “it contemplated to the town that followed it”.

Meanwhile, in his secret hiding place, living the last days of his luminous existence, Frank Pais silently reflected his grief and wrote a beautiful and sad poetry dedicated to his younger brother: “Nerve of man in young body, courage of courage in steel hardened , Deep and dreamy eyes, affection soon and passionate …With these verses the heroic revolutionary fighter expressed his feelings, who a month later, on July 30, fell victim to the same killer bullets and would also offer his valuable life to the Homeland.

 All of them are a sample of how the Cuban youth was enrolled in the history of the country in all its stages and especially on this date, the human and revolutionary value of Joshua, Floro and Salvador makes me reflect and hum the lyrics of a song that transcends And confesses a great truth: “Young time does not die \ only grows old in size \ and in the smile of yesteryear \ there was someone in front of its light …”
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