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Matanzas, unique city in the world!

Gloria Machado León 27 junio, 2017

What would we be without our memories, without our history and culture? Would we have traditions, hopes and identity if we did not always remember where we came from, who paved the way for us to be here today? And if I asked him to close his eyes for a moment and mention the first thing that comes to his mind when I tell him Matanzas, what would he answer?


Melia Varadero receives National Vanguard status

Gloria Machado León 26 junio, 2017

The Meliá Varadero hotel in Cuba’s most important resort of sun and beach was granted the National Vanguard status of 2016 with a contribution to the economy of the country of 25 million and a half pesos in currency and a profit above 6.5 million, due to the economic efficiency and consecrated labor of its workers.


Names unknown: streets of Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 23 junio, 2017

It is normal, even periodic, that the streets of some cities of the Island take human form until being confused with the passers-by who continually run them. They adopt their personality, their sadness and smiles. They look like a friend, a relative … to ourselves, in our time. The streets are part of our heritage… Continue Reading »


Young people from tourism sector in Varadero reject Trump´s statements

Gloria Machado León 22 junio, 2017

The first provincial youth activist working in the tourism sector in the country’s most important beach and sun bathing resort ratified its full support for the Socialist Revolution, before the ingerencista speech in Miami of the president of the United States, Donald Trump against Cuba and made clear the position of the Island to maintain the principles and above all to preserve our system.


Cuatro at four in the Sala Pepe Camejo

Gloria Machado León 22 junio, 2017

Although it sounds like a play on words, it is not, today Thursday June 22, in the Sala Pepe Camejo, in the city of Matanzas, the choreographic theater show Cuatro, will be presented at 4:00 pm, in a function dedicated to The 30 years of Dance Spiral, directed by the choreographer and dancer Liliam Padrón, and 55 years of the Teatro Papalote, by René Fernández, both teacher trainers, both Durán and Rubén Darío Salazar, responsible for the staging of said title .

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