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Gloria Machado León 7 julio, 2017
The Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, checked the investment program in the Municipality of Cárdenas and the Varadero Peninsula where he verified the economic and social progress of these territories for the benefit of the tourist sector and the town.

The member of the political bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba exchanged with the engineer Alejandro Rodríguez Azpeitía in the bathing room matancero on the work of the buried cable of 110 kilovolts, which is 98% of its execution, thanks to the discipline, control And exigency with which one works in order to finish it with the required quality.

The official said that the investment is valued at about 90 million pesos in total currency and is one of the largest carried out by the Ministry of Energy and Mines, as well as offering a high reliability to the system for the benefit of the inhabitants of Varadero and the Foreign and national vacationers who enjoy the most beautiful beach on the island and the Caribbean.

Rodríguez Azpeitía said that next week will be energized the electrical substation of Punta Hicacos for its implementation and this same treatment will receive the substation of the historic center of the spa in the coming September. He highlighted the placement of 2000 led luminaires, with 1200 remaining to be replaced on the motorway of that locality.

Ramiro Valdés also visited in the city Bandera, the industrial company Ferroviaria Jose Valdés Reyes and there knew that at the end of the month of June of a plan of repair of 180 equipment, 74 were delivered for the 103 percent, while 5 cages were designed for For the cane.

The vice-president of the Councils of State and Ministers also spoke with the director of that entity, Ileana Flores Morales about the support of a group of students from the University of Matanzas who defend their theses related to the problem bank of the factory and have The possibility of helping the collective in the search for solutions.

Accompanied by the highest authorities of the Communist Party of Cuba and the government in the province of Matanzas and the Minister of Industry, Salvador Pardo Cruz noted the development of the six projects of the Valdés Reyes in the municipality of Cárdenas and insisted on the need to create An Integral Company that responds to the National Industry and to the program of development of the railroad in Cuba.

As part of his visit to the city of Bandera, the Commander of the Revolution appreciated the intense work carried out by the Joint Company of sanitary products S. Prosa.

In the exchange with executives of the entity, Ramiro Valdés was interested in the demand for toilet paper, tissues, napkins, facial tissues, towels and minijumbos for hotel facilities and stressed that at the end of the first half of 2017 sales behaved to 98 per Cent, aimed at its main customers, tourism, retail and its network of stores.

Ramiro during his tour of Prosa, located in Cárdenas, evaluated the technological investments that include two modern converters of toilet paper, which are already in the ships of this facility and is expected its test in October for the sake of redouble The productive process with quality, efficiency and contributions to the economy of the Island.

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