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For a summer on wheels

Gloria Machado León 10 julio, 2017

The summer has already started all over Cuba and in Matanzas there are multiple activities to provide enjoyment to the family.

As part of the actions to support the transport of the matanceros during the summer season, several buses will serve in the different territories of the province, in order to facilitate the trips of vacationers towards the beach.

According to the director of the Provincial Transportation Company, Jeovel Quintero Hernández, for this summer stage in the provincial capital and in the remaining 12 municipalities, the fuel is assured with a coefficient of technical availability in very good condition from the entry of the Bus Diana, which ensures the current traffic scheme and the opening and closing trips.

Regarding the availability of cars for the transfer of passengers Quintero Hernández added:

“In our automotive fleet we have diversity: we have the Dianas, the Girón buses, among other large vehicles, such as the five articulated DAFs that carry the highest passenger load. In this period of vacation we will increase the route 13 that moves from Monserrate to the center of the city and after the reopening of the park Watking this will arrive until him and it will extend until the Caves of Bellamar. It will only work from Tuesday to Sunday. “

As for the night transportation, he added that services are maintained from 6:00 pm and the 27, 28 and 29 confrontations, which will reach the area of ​​Guanábana.

The manager said that “this vehicular park will not only favor the recreation of the vacationers, it will also contribute to stimulate the staff of Public Health and Education.”

As part of measures to ensure road safety, five breathalyzer containment points will operate in the following locations: Via Blanca-Canímar bridge; Siguapa (Varadero-Cárdenas route, by the highway); Martí (Playa Menéndez junction); Connects with the highways of Playa Larga and Jagüey Grande; While in the municipality of Colón will be located in the Central Highway.


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