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Joy and optimism in the municipality of Martí

Gloria Machado León 10 julio, 2017

Martí’s municipality from Matanzas, with significant achievements in the economy, productive and social advances, is the venue for the provincial event for the 64th anniversary of the Moncada Barracks and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

The president of the Popular Power in that locality, Ramiro Ruíz Ruíz expressed the people’s joy and optimism, his commitment and commitment to the Communist Party of Cuba, the Revolution and the ideas of Fidel and Raúl.

“Martí is the venue of the event for this important date due to the fulfillment of several plans and goals, the work that has been developing the municipality in the economic, since there are outstanding achievements from the overcompliance in net sales and in the commercial circulation .

“It stands out in this sense the Company of Commerce and Gastronomy with higher incomes, as well as the resuscitation of services and units. What contributes to the increase of the level of satisfaction in the population. ”

Before the question related to the production lines that are fulfilled in Martí and put to the fret so that this one is the seat of the act by the Moncada’s deed the official added:

“The economy of this territory is based on agricultural production and within the most important lines is milk production, with an overcompliance, despite the drought stage and delivery of beef.

“Also, although distant from the needs of the people, it complies with the contracting, commercialization and import substitution, plans of pig and sowing cane, egg and honey production, and potato harvest.”

This small Matanzas territory exhibits outstanding indices in the activities of Food, the Cuban Chain of Bread, Fishing, forest silvicultural activity and the energetic carriers.

Regarding the salt recovery program, significant levels of production are shown, which is why Ruíz Ruíz highlighted the work carried out there.

On the social work that is carried out to raise the quality of life of the people, the government representative explained:

“It is important to emphasize that we have been working intensively in the solution of the approaches made in account renderings and in the different dispatch spaces, and although we have not been able to fulfill the total of the concerns, if it is a higher number To the preceding step. On the other hand, integral quality is achieved in the process of learning and stability in the teaching cloisters; Infant and maternal mortality remain at zero. “

Undoubtedly, there are several elements to highlight in the municipality, so you breathe an enthusiastic atmosphere and reanimation to commemorate this close.


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