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DEMOS: productivity, efficiency and attention to the human being

Gloria Machado León 18 julio, 2017
With the endorsement showing the fulfillment of the production and sales plans, the guarantee of work for all personnel and the constant search for initiatives that ensure the continuity of operations, the DEMOS company, in the province of Matanzas, received in this Day and for the third consecutive time, the certificate that accredits it as National Vanguard of the Industry Union.

Idalmis González González, director of that entity belonging to the GARDIS Business Group, referring to the details of the DEMOS manufacturing activity, he said.

“The main production lines of DEMOS today are directed to graphic productions, chemistry and flat garments, say tablecloths, sheets, napkins, towels.

“Among our products, said the director, are the route sheets, the modeling that the entities of the territory require for their accounting system. In the chemical area we work in the manufacture of plastic materials and accessories for hydraulic installations. “

For this, they have the unconditionality of more than a hundred workers, most of them people with physical disabilities that are inserted in the socio-economic life through the GARDIS Business Group.

“We have four handicapped workshops located in Pedro Betancourt, Perico, Amarillas and Jovellanos. They work for a total of 103 people who despite their physical limitations are able to perform these tasks for which they receive the same economic benefits as the rest of the staff.

And with this conception apply initiatives to respond with productivity to topics such as technological obsolescence.

“We work for the certification of die cutting products, which would be the line that we will definitely devote to replacing graphic printing, currently very depressed by the old technique we have. That’s why the boxes of cake, birthday, everything that has to do with packaging and packaging. “

Thus they reached the end of the first half of 2017, after a successful 2016.

“We, like UNYMODA and TRANSGARDI, the other two companies of the GARDIS Group that also received this National Vanguard status, have worked very systematically, always looking for continuous improvements for production and the producer.

“Today we sell more than one million pesos a month, an indicator that allows us to comply with the plans of production and sale to the local and national market.”

From that performance, the DEMOS labor group foresees that by the end of September they will receive the raw material needed to start making household hygiene products that they will produce in workshop 06. This, said Idalmis González González, the director , Will be an international partnership agreement. “

And so DEMOS received for the third consecutive time the condition of National Vanguard, a recognition that leads them to greater commitments:

“To reach the five years of National Vanguard to aspire to the medal Antonio Maceo”, said González González.

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