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Youth imprint present in the summer

Gloria Machado León 18 julio, 2017

The summer continues its progress and, while some people enjoy the expected rest, the activity does not cease at the headquarters of the Provincial Committee of the Union of Young Communists, in the city of Matanzas.

The second phase of the summer camp is being prepared from 7 to 13 August, an event that will coincide with the Provincial Festival of Youth and Students (August 7th and 8th), ahead of the World Cup in Sochi , Russia.

Yanetsy Fuentes López, an official of the Provincial Committee of the Union of Young Communists (UJC), said:

«Today we are in the insurance phase, the program is already designed and we have the collaboration of the competent agencies. The headquarters of the camp is maintained in the Pedagogical School René Fraga Moreno, of this city. Among the main activities are lectures by professors of the University of Matanzas and renowned researcher Eduardo Torres Cuevas with the title History, Culture and National Sovereignty.

«The workshops Peace, War and Imperialism will also be developed; Education, Science, Culture, Communication and Technologies; Employment, Economics and Development; And Democracy and Human Rights.

«An Anti-imperialist Tribunal will also be held where we will denounce the aggressions against Cuba and other countries. There will be intense days: there will be hiking, productive work and tours to sites of historical, economic, social and environmental interest. Among these places we can mention the Girón Museum and the local community project Korimacao, in Zapata Swamp. «

About 150 delegates will participate in the Provincial Festival of Youth and Students, an event in which will define the matancera delegation that will represent the territory in the meeting of the youth of the world.

«On the 7th in the afternoon the votes will be held to define who will represent us in Sochi. All structures will be present: the José Martí Pioneer Organization, with its small membership; The Federation of Middle School Students, with a large participation, as 75 percent of UJC from Matanzas membership comes from the educational sector, and the Federation of University Students.

«All sectors of society will be taken into account, two direct delegates have already been elected: Yuniesqui Noa Hinojosa, builder of the contingent Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Abel Duniesqui Valenzuela, professor of the basic secondary school Generation of the Centennial of the yumurina, So that other delegates will belong to the other spheres of economic and social development. «


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