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Martí town celebrating July 26th Day

Gloria Machado León 24 julio, 2017

The town hall that bears the name of the Apostle, Martí, hosted the provincial act for the 64th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks.

During the meeting, the citizens’ patriotism and commitment to the Revolution was reaffirmed, according to Teresa Rojas Monzón, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and the first secretary of the organization in Matanzas.

Teresa Rojas Monzón, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and first secretary of the organization in Matanzas.

Rojas Monzón mentioned in the central words of the act the feat of the Centennial youth. He also recalled that this anniversary acquires a special meaning for Cubans, for being the first without the physical presence of the undefeated Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

The first secretary of the CPC in the territory mentioned the potential of the municipality of Martí, conditions that made it worthy of the headquarters of the provincial activities by July 26.

Also, Dianelys Carmenate, president of the Credit and Service Cooperative Sandalio Rodolfo Díaz, expressed the commitment and gratitude of the peasantry. 

During the event 50 Martians received the card of the PCC and the Union of Young Communists and stood out workers from different sectors of the province. 

Likewise, the Municipal Bureau of the Party and the Administration Council recognized organizations and personalities, among which the UBPC El Sordo, Equivar and the Municipal Company of Commerce and Gastronomy, as well as Flor Arencibia Nazco, correspondent of Radio 26.

The political-cultural act was ameliorated by the repentistas Orismay Hernández and Ricardo Gonzales, as well as the duo Lachy & Yasel, creators of the video clip Lo Prometí, a song dedicated to Fidel, Cuba and José Martí.

Martí, a municipality in integral development

The main political authorities and representatives of mass organizations in the province toured various works of social and economic interest in the municipality of Martí.

Among them stands the Hogar de Ancianos, place that received a capital repair and shows greater comfort. According to Margarita Martinez, who is 98 years old and resides in this institution since 2000, the treatment and conditions are excellent.

Also the Public Library was inaugurated, a space that complements the cultural and educational formation of the residents, one of the pillars of the Revolution.

The experiences of the Swine Breeding Center Frank País, dedicated to the raising of the pig and the management of renewable sources of energy, were presented.

It was known the progress in the repair of the Menéndez Medicinal Baths and the options for this summer on the beach of the same name.

Finally, we visited the Basic Unit for Cooperative Production «El Sordo», with a sustained growth in the economy and a broad social work.

Photos: Abel López Montes de Oca
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