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Starts in Matanzas a party for young people

Gloria Machado León 7 agosto, 2017

With the arrival of yarey hats and the colors of the national school, about one hundred delegates arrived at the Provincial Festival of Youth and Students, which began today at the René Fraga Moreno Pedagogical School in the city of Matanzas.

The main purpose of the festival is to define the delegation that will attend the meeting of the youth of the world in Sochi, Russia, in October, according to Yannara Concepción Domínguez, the first secretary of the Union of Young Communists in the province:

«Today was the candidacy for the grand date, is a delegation composed of ten matanceros representatives, of them the direct delegates Yuniesqui Noa Hinojosa and Abel Yuniesky Valenzuela Vizcaíno, of the sectors of the construction and the education, respectively, very strengthened areas In the territory.

«We will also incorporate guests, whose identity we will reveal soon. The group is composed of general secretaries and student leaders with successful trajectories, they were chosen from the base structures and later they were approved by the municipal authority.

Yuniesqui Noa Hinojosa, first direct delegate of Matanzas to the World Festival. Construction contingent worker Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Gustavo Barroso Sánchez, a young doctor from the municipality of Colón and an aspiring delegate to the international event, commented:

«We, from Colon town joyfully received the news, at first I was surprised because there are many talented young people and I know that it is a huge challenge to symbolize on the international scene, not only the new generations, but a whole country.»

Multiple initiatives brought color to the event

As part of the meeting, a dialogue was held with Raúl Capote Fernández, Director of Institutional Public Relations of the Ministry of Informatics and Communications and former state security agent, on current issues such as the influence of the American cultural industry on Cuba through products like the package or load and the new procedures to provoke the collapse of socialism in the Island.

In the afternoon the workshops were developed Peace, War and Imperialism; Education, Science, Culture and Technology and Democracy and Human Rights.

The presentation of the cultural project Corcel de Esperanza distinguished the opening of the Festival.

There will also be an exchange with the authorities of the territory on the potential of the Athens of Cuba and the rehabilitation program designed to celebrate its 325th anniversary. It is also expected to carry out the voting, the results of which will be announced on Tuesday, and the development of an anti-imperialist camp in areas of the Monserrate cultural complex.

The Provincial Festival of Youth and Students is part of the second edition of the summer camp, which will run until Sunday, August 13th.


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