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Aurora: new space for art in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 14 agosto, 2017
From the more specific details in the decoration, an aesthetic careful in all the senses and elements, and the surprising beauty resulting from the founding of the talents and work of several artists and matanceros craftsmen, opened its doors this August 13 Aurora, space For the art, pertaining to the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property.

Right on Calle de Medio, where La Aurora was printed between 1828 and 1899, considered the prince of Cuban newspapers, and later to serve as a bookstore and Cultural Promotion and Advertising Center, an intimate, Of good taste for the development of the culture in the recognized Athens of Cuba.

«The first importance for us to rescue this space is to give the population of Matanzas a space with a delicacy and an invoice on design issues that have not yet existed. Here we try to carry out what we always defend: the culture of detail.

«To fulfill to the minimum expression the essences of the design enhancing the aesthetic taste from the visual, to show and offer to the visitors the capacities of a group of artistic creation when developing actions like this one, without falling in repetitions in other projects.

«With the inauguration we establish a before and after in our province, much in need of this type of cultural centers. Here, almost all the manifestations of art meet for the enjoyment of the population, «said Ángel Cabrera Franque, director of the creation group ARTDECO, in charge of the restoration of the cultural center.

Those who remember the deplorable image of the former printing press Estrada will not imagine the cleanliness and harmony that is breathed in their halls today, decked out not only with elegance but also with an optimum space utilization and according to the modern tendencies of decoration.

«In principle we have made a fusion between the creators who will direct this project and the Provincial Directorate of Culture. We intend that the spaces dedicated to other artistic manifestations be integrated with our proposals of visual arts and, in turn, relate to the School of Art to create different clubs here.

«It is a very first experience in which we will gain experience as the days go by. This initiative is intended for all matanceros artists. «

Making Aurora a space for art in a place of reference for the quality of its services is the premise defended by the managers of this project, also by Luis Octavio Hernández and Israel de León Sosa, multi-award-winning matanceros artisans.

«The inauguration, whose exhibition was curated by specialists from the Cuban Fund for Cultural Property in Matanzas, aims to reflect the quality that will prevail in each of our proposals.

«We chose this day for the opening to also remember the birth of a man who defended the culture as shield and sword of the nation, our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro. Under this premise, this old dream materializes, «said Luis Octavio.

To the efforts of the Cuban Cultural Property Fund in Matanzas, the Culture Directorate and the provincial branch of the Cuban Association of Artisan Artists, was added the experience forged during almost two decades of work by members of ARTDECO, Environmental, painting, sculpture and restoration, among other specialties.

«We have worked in different places, mainly in the tourist pole of Varadero. In the capital we had the opportunity to work on the intervention of the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso, in 2015.

«In the future the objective is to intervene other immobile properties to sow the culture from the beautiful, not only in the works that are exposed but also in the manual work of rescue and restoration.»

Among the services offered by Aurora, space for art are restoration projects, conservation and graphic design, leather crafts procurement and commissioning of artistic articles, garden accessories and bonsai, with the purpose of offering cultural products, essentially matanceros creators , Where the quality prevails.

«In the installation you can also enjoy gastronomic services enlivened by classical music. We try to enhance the fine, educated sounds. «

Thus becomes Aurora, a space for art in an authentic place where the defense of cubanism and matancerity are the main bulwarks, as a work of art, as far as the conception of the physical space of the building, where art is enhanced in All its expressions.

A gift worthy of the 325th anniversary of the city of Matanzas, a cultural reference to the height, like few, of the Athens of Cuba.

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