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New restorations inside Sauto theater

Gloria Machado León 28 agosto, 2017

In the interior of the Sauto theater, the restoration work continues, nowadays, above all, to bring to light again the original values ​​of the objects that are part of the decoration and the identity of the building, imposing exponent of the nineteenth century Cuban neoclassical.

The restoration team of the matancera cultural institution, under the accurate guidance of the specialists Miguel Ojito and his father, began the assembly of the chandelier or central lamp of the building, constructed in chiseled bronze and glassware of Bohemia, after three months of incessant Work in its cleaning to restore the beauty for many years hidden behind the dust and soot.

«This lamp, one of the most important in the city, is really a jewel of the Matanzas decorative heritage, a work of art. It was disassembled in pieces, polished, gilded and renewed with a careful care.

«At this moment, the assembly is finished and receives the load of more than ten thousand 500 small glass balls that integrate the mantle and the cocuyera of the lamp, besides the cannelloni of glass that it carries», detailed Leonel Perez Orozco, Conservative Of the City of Matanzas.

In order to carry out the restoration of the lamp, the details of the style, shape, period and aesthetics of this important element that will enhance the elegance of the Sauto, National Monument since 1978, were taken into account.

«The work of the restorers has been masterful, there are no additions or use of disagreeable elements to the style or the time. For this reason today the lamps of the Sauto theater are observed as they adorned the theater from its foundation, in 1863. «

The curtain of presentation of the theater also receives the pleasant caress of the restoration, thanks to the professionalism and expert hands of the plastic artist Rolando Estévez, together with a group of young talents. With the image of the La Concordia Bridge (General Lacret Morlot), whose columns are a symbol of the city, the Sauto fronton is the largest oil-painted canvas in the country.


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