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Books for celebrations

Gloria Machado León 29 agosto, 2017
The celebrations for the 325th anniversary of the founding of the Athens of Cuba have already moves fowards the efforts of the Ediciones Matanzas workers, who are planning an extensive program of publications dedicated to the date.

The 40 years of the multi-award-winning Matancera editorial in 2018 are added as motivation, although this will not be the only incentive for the next stage of work.

“We have the centennial of the death of Seboruco, the popular Matanzas poet, and dedicate a novel of my authorship. We will celebrate, also since the publication of several books, the 20 years of Ediciones Aldabón.

“The majority of our proposals will be dedicated to the city of Matanzas, with texts by Matanzas writers on eminently matanceros subjects. We will also include in the catalog writers and personalities of Cuban and foreign culture.

“The numbers of the Matanzas magazine will be dedicated to music and the Matanzas arts in general, to emblematic figures,” explained Alfredo Zaldívar Muñoa, editor of Ediciones Matanzas.

After three years of ceaseless work in the preparation, design and printing, Ediciones Matanzas will give readers who are lovers of the city a literary proposal by Dr. Alicia García Santana that will catch all audiences.

“Perhaps one of the most important books in the history of the publishing house is Matanzas, Cuba’s first modern city. In its pages the thesis is shown from the special characteristics of the layout of the city and other arguments that are reflected in the text and excellent photographs of Julio Larramendi.

Among Matanzas’s most important publishing plans is the reissue of books that quickly disappeared from bookcase shelves due to public acceptance “such as the books Puentes de Matanzas, the architect Ramón Recondo Pérez and the engineer Luis González Arestuche and Matanzas : Facts and dates of the colonial stage, by the historians Urbano Martínez Carmenate and Arnaldo Jiménez de la Cal.

“These are highly sought after by students and specialists, so the first runs of these books were exhausted very quickly. The Foundation Prize of the City will acquire an even greater connotation, and so will be in the case of the José Jacinto Milanés Debate Competition. I think it will be a very ambitious plan, equal to the cultural history of the City of Poets. “

With ten Literary Critics Awards under its belt, Ediciones Matanzas already prepares a catalog of luxury for 2018 as a fair tribute to the city in its 325 years.

Original text by Jessica Mesa Duarte on Aug 29th, 2017

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