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Cabezas defends its traditions

Gloria Machado León 29 agosto, 2017
In order to keep the peasant tradition in San Antonio de Cabezas, the land where Justo Vega, the knight of the tenth in Cuba, was born, the ranch of the Credits and Services Cooperative (CCS) Rubén González becomes the main stage For the summer festival.

“Every Sunday afternoon, peasant activities are offered in our cooperative where the partners participate and we support the comrades of the Casa de Cultura Regino Pedroso, the gastronomy, the administrations of the Popular Council and other organizations,” explained Eddy Plasencia Arencibia, president Of the CCS.

The event is attended by prominent genre artists in the locality and also important voices of improvised verse and the word sung in the Cuban guajiro panorama. Reibel Nodal is a young Avilanian turned Mayabequense who obtained the national justo improvisation prize Justo Vega some years ago, so it is a great privilege for him to be able to sing in the land where the great peasant music was born.

“Cabezas is a town with a lot of Cuban tradition, it is a town that follows the traditions a lot and then being here means a lot to me because we respect the history of the poets who were before like Pepe Pijeira, Vitalia Figueroa, the great Ernesto Ramírez, who is still a great institution of this art, and the always remembered Justo Vega. The tenth is Cuba and we need to save it, “Reibel said.

However, despite the splendor of the peasant traditions in San Antonio de Cabezas, it is necessary to rescue institutions like the House of the Poet Justo Vega, to guarantee the health and continuity of the tenth guajira among the new generations.

“The authorities, both from Union de Reyes and Matanzas, I think they should put their eyes on the House of the Poet, which left us without doors, without ceilings and windows. It hurts to see it destroyed, I think we owe a debt, both the authorities, the Directorate of Culture, as we the poets, to put a little bit of effort and resources. It is cruel that this sacred precinct, where Pepe Pijeira was veiled when he died, is now destroyed, “said Héctor Gutiérrez, a prominent Cuban poet and improviser.

Meanwhile, the ranch of the cooperative Rubén González, supplies the void of the long-awaited Casa del Poeta Justo Vega, so that tomorrow will not die the most legitimate tradition of this Matanzas land.

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